How-To Guide On Hiring and Outsourcing Niche Site Content Using Freelance Writers

Writing Articles and Content for Niche Sites Is Hard! Or Is It?

Writing for a personal blog or commercially is totally different from writing review sites. The sole purpose of our Amazon review sites is to provide highly useful information about products so that visitors can make an informed decision to make the purchase and hop off to Amazon.

Writing reviews may not be as intuitive as writing an activity-based hobby blog, for example, but reviews can follow simple and structured guidelines that you can replicate again and again easily.

With that structure, you can scale, which is a big secret that most successful Amazon Associates utilize to scale up their income online.

This article is not a guide on how to outsource, but only on what kind of information should you ask for and provide when you do decide to outsource.

Writer’s Block On Non-Writers

After downloading the Amazon Affiliate Blueprint, one of the most common questions always been something like these:

I want to find a niche and used the blueprint to structure the content of the site, but I’m stuck with what to put in those pages.

I’m not a writer, I’m not good at writing, how can I write good reviews if my English is poor or I don’t know much about the products?

Or they’ve probably heard of outsourcing their content, but don’t know how to find good writers online.

Sounds familiar? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. Whether you’re good at writing or not is rather secondary when it comes of niche sites, particularly Amazon review sites.

We always advice that you should at least try to write reviews for one small niche site to get your feet wet. It’s harder to set expectations on what you outsource if you don’t know what you want in the first place.

But if you want to outsource completely, it’s totally understandable and logical as well. This post is about how to get the most out of your outsourced writers. Read on…

Where to Find Writers

There are tons of sites out there for outsourcing content, let’s take a look at some common ones:

Forum Writers

The article providers with the longest threads often are very cheap, like a couple of bucks per article, hence they get the volume, but frankly, their content is nothing short of HORRIBLE.

Those content are only logical to use to spam the web such as submissions for backlinks and article directories, but you’ll never be able to use it on a “live” site if you want to convert readers to buyers.

Having said that, We’ve found one or two good writers on Forums but they have very little traction and you’ll probably never find their listings because their rates aren’t ridiculously low.

The ratio of crap article providers using low-quality PLR content that’s machine spunned versus legit writers is low on the Forums.

iWriter, Fiverr, and Similar Writing Escrow Sites

We’ve had better, but still limited, success with sites like iWriter depending on the niche in the past.

The main advantage of such escrow-type service is you can choose to reject bad writing and such. But it is also a place where many internet marketing guys hang out to sell content, that means there are a lot of crappy writers there as well.

But you’ll also realize that those good writers will eventually charge you the same rate as freelance, non-IM writers as well, which brings us to the next source.

eLance, Odesk, and Online Job Sites

Personally, We prefer heading over to outsourcing sites like eLance and Odesk, both as a contractor and employer, particularly writing.

We strongly suggest you register as a VERIFIED member, it’s only $5 on eLance or a credit card verification on oDesk and it gives you better credibility as a buyer and attract higher-quality candidates.

Typical rates for content providers on these sites hover between $10-25 per article, depending on the niche and experience. Highly technical topics like accounting, finance, medical, etc. are a lot more expensive than product reviews, how-to guides, etc.

You can go through a proper interview and assessment process on these sites and you can also provide very clear instructions on what you need, then have the contractors bid on your project.

Template On How To Get Great Articles and Content From Outsourced Writers

You can copy and paste the information below in your ads to get qualified contractors to notice your ad and use the next section for the actual article order when you’ve picked a candidate.

Make sure you change the text to suit your needs. The more information and resources you provide the candidate, the less work it is for them. If you need them to research, edit, and SEO your content, expect to pay more.

Posting a Job Ad Template

SubjectLooking for Product Review Writers To Research and Write 100% Original Website Content
Pre-RequisitesVerified Members With 4 Stars or More, Native English Writers and Speakers, No PLR and spun content.
Product CategoryConsumer Electronics / Children’s Fashion / Beauty and Make Up / Kitchen Appliances etc.
Article Count10 Product Review Articles
Word CountVariable, Between 400-700 Words
FormattingRequired, Headings mainly
Deadline10 Working Days After Hiring
Output FormatHTML/Text/DOC/PDF
Notes:Please Provide Past Samples of Articles/Blog Posts/Documents When You Bid.

You should receive at least five (5) to 10 contractors with a clear ad submission, you may find some that are out of your price range or doesn’t meet your requirements, so you can scratch those off by rejecting their bid.

The ones you’ve short-listed should have the skills and experience you require and fits your budget as well. You can use the following template to make the order.

Ordering an Article from Freelance Writers

General Project Details (Reiterate your ad with more details)
Niche or Product Vertical: Toasters/Ovens/etc.
Usage of Content: Provide product pros and cons feature listing based on actual user feedback from 3rd party sites (provide the site/URLs of the user reviews) and convince buyer to purchase the product.
Budget Allocation: $xx.xx/hr Max of $xxx.xx for the project
Deadline: January 10, 2020 (EST)
Draft Submission Required? Yes/No
Additional Requirements: Do not include technical specification list in article.

Article Requirements

Article 1

Title: Nikon D300 Digital Camera Review
Length: Between 300-500
Heading – Rewrite Official Product Description from
Heading – What’s in the box
Heading – Build Quality and Handling
Heading – Image Quality
Heading – Price and Value
Heading – Where to Buy

Article 2

Title: Canon A5000 Digital Camera Review
Length: Between 300-500
Heading – Rewrite Official Product Description from
Heading – What’s in the box
Heading – Build Quality and Handling
Heading – Image Quality
Heading – Price and Value
Heading – Where to Buy

and so forth…

Have clear instructions and content requirement from your writers and you’ll end up having content that you can plug straight into your website in no time, all you need to do is to insert your call-to-action buttons and affiliate links and you’re done.

We hope that you find the cut-and-paste instruction helpful for your outsourcing requirements, once again, you can sign-up as a verified employer on eLance and oDesk using these links, I’d appreciate it as I’ll earn a commission when you sign-up using the links below.

Remember that as with any information or content, it’s garbage-in/garbage-out. If you don’t give specific, clear, and unambiguous instructions, expect to get articles that won’t suit your needs.

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