Game Revenue review – The best way to make money in the Casino & Sports betting industry!

Casino and sports betting industry online are growing at a rapid pace. If you, too, operate in this industry, it is better to find an affiliate network with offers for this industry. The problem is that if you do not choose the right affiliate network, there can be a considerable amount of shaving. In that case, you cannot make a good amount of money while being in a lucrative industry as well.

When you look for such an affiliate network, one in which you will come across is Game Revenue. This network not only syndicates with other casino operators but also has quite a few of its brands as well. It means that you are directly dealing with the merchant. As a result, it is easy for you to make money in the casino in the sports betting industry. With the industry growing rapidly, it is easy to do so. However, it is essential to conduct proper due diligence before joining this network. Our Game Revenue can help you with the same.

About Game Revenue:

Game Revenue has a simple model. You have to first complete the registration on the network. Chances are, someone from the network will contact you within 24 hours. After that, you will get all the promotional material you need to promote all the offers. Also, once you get the conversions, you can make up to 60% of the commissions as well. It indicates that the network revenue share model is pretty lucrative. Moreover, the marketing methods which the network allows are pretty liberal. As long as the marketing method is legal, you can use it to promote the offerings.

Also, the network has been around for quite some time. As a result, it is an experienced network. If you’re operating in the casino at the sports betting industry, you should consider this network over others.

Game Revenue features:

Game Revenue has a few offerings that certainly make it unique.

  1. 4-commission levels:

The best thing about this network is that it offers four different commission levels. Depending on the number of depositors that you have referred, the amount of commission that you can make is different.

If you have referred up to 10 depositors, you can make up to 20%. If you referred up to 20 depositors, you could make up to 35%.

If you refer 20 or more depositors, you can make up to 45%. The VIP level will get a 60% revenue share on the commission. So, it becomes easy for you to make a significant amount of money.

Similarly, in the sports betting niche as well, there are four different commission levels. In a nutshell, the more depositors you recommend, the higher will be your percentage earnings. That is why, when you’re going with this affiliate network, the longer you work with it, the higher your profits will be. It is one of the advantages of this affiliate network.

  1. Up to 60% revshare:

Have you come across any other network which offers a 60% revenue share?

There are hardly any of them. It speaks volumes about the level and quality of support that it provides to the affiliates. The network wants you to succeed. In the competitive casino and sports betting industry, the more commission which you make, the higher can be the marketing spend. It will ensure that you can drive more depositors quite easily.

  1. Multiple support options:

Another parameter that works in favor of this network is that it offers various support channels. You can contact them over email or Skype. Both of them are quite responsive. The affiliate managers are available on other messengers as well. As a result, getting in touch with the affiliate manager or someone from the network is possible. The network is available on social media channels. If you are active on social media channels and prefer that mode of contact, you can use it to get in touch with the affiliate network.

With fast and multichannel support, getting any help from the network is easier than ever.

  1. Tie up with marquee name merchants:

There are quite a few well-known brands with which they have a tie-up. Many of them or their brands as well. These include casinos like:

• ARGO Casino

• ZigZag 777

• ZigZag Sport

• And So on

When any network offers you the opportunity to work with different brands, it becomes easier for you to get the conversions. You can advertise all the brands, or you can promote a single brand. The choice is up to you. The advantage, however, is that it becomes effortless for you to get the conversion for a particular network. Moreover, the higher the number of conversions, the more will be your earnings. Keeping this factor in mind, it is an excellent idea to promote the different brands of this network.

  1. Flexible payment options:

The low payment threshold is one of the advantages of this network. Once you can make $40 in a month, you will be paid. Also, different payment methods are available, as well. These include:

• Skrill

• Neteller

• WebMoney

• Yandex

• Qiwi

• Visa

With so many payment methods, you would at least find a handful, which is convenient for you. Also, the low payment threshold means that you can get paid every month. These features help this network stand out.

The convenience which it provides, as well as the ability to promote its brands, makes this affiliate network a pretty lucrative option if you’re in the casino or the sports betting industry.

Game Revenue Interface:

The multistep signup process is not that difficult to accomplish. The network asks for the promotional methods which you are going to use, your website, and other marketing mediums. Along with that, you have to submit personal and payment information as well. Once you do so, it becomes easier for you to get approved on the network.

Game Revenue Main Menu:

The main menu of the network is pretty self-explanatory as well. All you need to do is just click on the brand which you want to promote. Once you do so, it is easier for you to get the affiliate link and start promoting it.

Game Revenue Offers:

The network works on the revenue share model. Also, the commissions can increase depending on the number of depositors which you have recommended. It ensures that the more depositors you refer to, the higher the amount of money you can make.


• Revenue share model

• Helps you promotes its brands

• Tiered commission structure

• Excellent support

• Sports betting affiliate opportunities also available


• Number of brands should be more


Game Revenue provides you a unique opportunity to work in the sports betting in the online casino industry. Due to this reason, it is a good idea to look at this affiliate network. Both of these industries are quite lucrative. Considering the fact that the network has its brands that you can promote, signing up with this network is a good idea if you’re in this industry.

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