The gambling industry is one of the lucrative industries online. You can make a great deal of money by promoting gambling offers and websites.

You can, however, only do so if you choose the right gambling affiliate program. Due to this very reason, you need to go through the affiliate networks and then make your decision. Today also, we will review one such affiliate network. We are speaking about the Gambling pro affiliate network.

What is is an affiliate network, exclusively having all gambling-related offers. Moreover, it has all types of gambling, betting, and casino offers. A large number of casino offers is one of the reasons why this gambling affiliate program becoming so famous.

Why is worth signing up with?

There are numerous reasons that this gambling affiliate network stands out. Some of these reasons include:

• The network has been in existence for quite some time. Due to this reason, you can be certain about the payouts. You don’t need to worry about delayed payments and other such stuff.

• Moreover, the network is consistently expanding its offers. The high number of offers and geos ensures that you have nothing to worry about. You will always find a certain offer that meets your requirements.

• The network has offers for every geography as well. It does not matter whether you get visitors from the Western Hemisphere or the Eastern Hemisphere. Finding a suitable offer is not going to be a difficult task.

• The sign-up process is exceptionally smooth and easy. It is another reason to go with this affiliate program.

When you look at these reasons, you will quickly understand why this affiliate network is better than many other options available. features:

We will look at the features of this affiliate network to help you understand more about it.

Application support:

The network provides mobile applications to any Webmaster. The mobile applications help with the conversion of visitors. It does not matter if you’re looking for an iOS application or whether you’re looking for an android application. The application can easily help you find the right affiliate link to promote. Also, it will aid the conversion process as well. The application support is a unique feature of this affiliate network that can increase your income drastically.

Extensive training included:

Wondering how to gain conversions?

If so, this affiliate network helps you with the same as well. It provides you with extensive training cases. The training will let you know how to drive traffic from casinos and other such websites to your offers. Once you do so, gaining conversions becomes easy.

Over 1000 offers:

With over 1000 offers, there is no dearth of offers you can go with. You not only get offers depending on different gambling games but also for different geographics and different conversion types as well. In a nutshell, monetizing your traffic becomes easier than ever.

In case you wonder is it good software offers. got offers with licensed game software – Microgaming, QuickFire, Novomatic, Unicum and others. Also, They are testing of all projects – that’s why there are no “dead” offers in

Payments processing:

Unlike some of the other gambling affiliate networks, this network usually offers a holding period of 14 days to new members and just 12 hours after. The low holding period means that you can get your money much quicker as well. Also, their withdrawal amount is one of the lowest in the industry only 1$.

When you want to scale up your campaigns, it is essential to get your hands on your earnings. Only once you do so, it easier for you to grow at a pace. The lesser holding certainly works in the favor of this affiliate network.

Excellent support:

A personal manager is assigned to each webmaster, so you will never be left alone with possible questions and problems.

The support service is ready not only to consult, but also to develop an individual promo according to the partner’s sketches.

Additionally, the network offers various support channels as well. The numerous support channels like email support and telegram support ensure that you can easily get some help. The support executives are responsive as well. When having a query, you can get some help right away.

one of support channels

With these features on offer, you cannot go wrong with this affiliate network. We will now look at the other aspects of this affiliate network to understand why it is such a reliable choice.

Other useful features

On request, the partner can get: cases and manuals on all traffic sources, get ready landing, or help to quickly implement the idea, create a new landing, make showcases, and much more! To do this, just contact your personal manager and coordinate all the details with him.

Tools for arbitration: In your personal cabinet you can set up streams, split testing, connect different traffic sources, use subaccount and postback. There is no separate tab with tools and their number is limited. But the partner provides a bonus – discounts from partners and agency offices in third-party services. For example, discounts on trackers’ payment or bonuses to the budget in advertising networks.

Support on big volumes. Affiliates that generate a steady income can get help with turnover. To get help, you need to write to your personal manager and agree with him on the terms of volume support. Interface:

The interface of this affiliate network is relatively simple. It asks you for minimal information when it comes to signing up. The sign-up process is pretty brisk as well. All in all, signing up with this network is not a problem at all. stats section

Lightning-fast statistics – data on indicators updated in real time. dashboard: dashboard

The main menu of the affiliated top allows you to access the offers and monitor your stats. It provides you with links to the different offers. The self-explanatory design of the main menu ensures that there are no hidden hitches and possible difficulties. Offers:

The good news is that the affiliate network offers you various types of offers. They are actually not only offer you casino and betting offers but such a fast-developing vertical as CBD and online lotteries. CBD offers

• You get paid on a per conversion basis when you go with CPA offers. betting offers

You also have CPS offers as well in that, you get amount when the 1st deposit is made.

• If you want to go for a revenue share offers, those are available as well. casino offers

The types of offers available are plenty. You can choose the offer not just based on the earnings but also on the conversion method. It will be easy to choose and go with the right offer to monetize your traffic.

We will take a glance at the pros now to help you understand more about this affiliate network.

Key pros:

• Offers available for various geographies

• Personal mobile applications

• The minimum withdrawal amount is 1$

• Simplistic interface

• A personal manager is assigned to each webmaster.

• Easy sign-up process

• Multiple types of offers available

• Credible track record

• Provides with powerfull cases and various other informational resources

• Exclusive offers that require approvals

Conclusion is an affiliate network that certainly provides you with a wide number of gambling-related affiliate offers. Not only that, but it also allows you to monetize your traffic in multiple ways as well. With over 1000 offers available, you can easily find a suitable one. When you couple these features with the affiliate network’s credible track record, you have nothing to complain about. All in all, if you’re looking for an affiliate network that provides gambling-related offers, definitely sign up with this one.

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