Future of Instagram. 2019 Trends and Beyond

Indeed, in 2018, it became a good practice rule to think over a separate strategy for content in Stories, the recommended section penetrated everywhere, increasing the viral potential, the content became more unusual, and the hashtags were rethought by Instagram.

Trends INSTAGRAM 2017

  1. Video content
  2. Work on engagement
  3. The decline in the effectiveness of MF / ML
  4. The value of bloggers
  5. Statistics are everywhere
  6. Instagram Business Functionality Development

Trends INSTAGRAM 2018

  1. Separate content strategy for Stories
  2. Hashtags will get a new life
  3. Instagram builds viral potential
  4. Non-standard
  5. Community normalization
  6. Still statistics

I do not even if that will not be relevant in 2019. But these things are already understandable and it is impossible to call them real trends it is as it is right now.

And here are trends:

1. Insta-optimized world

Imagine the usual everyday situation in which you need to choose which of the two bars to go to. Both bars are very close or absolutely identical in the price/quality of the products offered. I have a strong suspicion, that the “Instagram photo” is not an empty phrase for you at all, then you most likely will go to a more photogenic bar.

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Our dining room on this beautiful summer day!

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Australian Bureau Vale Architects released a guide with the simple name Instagram Design Guide. And no, it’s not about design on Instagram, it’s about designed for Instagram. About how to make friends of your offline business with this social network and make rooms “Instagram-friendly”. There are as many as 40 pages, by the way.

The point is that if in your bar or hotel or any working space the clients do not want to be photographed, you are in the ass. That simple.

Another excellent example from the world of fashion is Fashion Nova, a young FastFashion brand with 13.4 million Instagram followers, which earned $ 400 million last year.

If sites today should be Mobile First, then the offline world and business will transform into Instagram First.

More precisely, not subscribers, but an approach to work. Today, a new model from the idea to the finished appearance in the Insta-profile will take only 2-3 days! And all this is announced by a huge base of influencers, bloggers and media people on Instagram. The brand collaborates with more than 3.000 of such influential people!

Could such a world be imagined without Instagram? Odd hardly.

2. AR filters 

Not only the world itself is changing under Instagram. There is a second, interesting process: the development of augmented reality. 

Don’t you think that filters will be limited only to funny effects for Stories?

Beauty-eCommerce is moving leaps and bounds in the direction of augmented reality and could easily become one of the key growth drivers. Unique filters with cosmetics from Kylie Jenner as one of the first real successful examples.

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Why not give brands the opportunity to “try on” not only cosmetics but also clothes on their fans? Household products? IKEA is already promoting its AR-catalog in a separate mobile application, but nothing prevents Instagram from launching similar functionality, because there are an audience and technical capabilities for doing this.

3. Instagram – the future of online trading 

What is the problem of Amazon or any other online store? In order for the user to buy something there, he, first, must go to their site.

And it is unlikely that you go to the website of the online store “just to see because there is nothing to do.”

At the same time, the average user logs into Instagram 26 times a day and this number is only stable growing. People literally live on a platform that constantly encourages the desire “I want” in them.

Feel what I’m leading to?

I’m leading to the fact that before the main battle of the Internet was the confrontation of Facebook vs Google, now I see much more interesting the nascent battle of Instagram vs the rest of eCommerce.

We`re not specifically talking about shopping tags, which appeared not only in the feed but in stories and in the test format, they even received a separate section in the recommended one. The vector of technical development is understandable, We are talking about more global things.

Instagram plans to become a key marketplace and crush everyone.

Add here an unrealized Wishlist, potential targeting options for it, and integration with AR. The perfect online store.

About wishlist: you save/add posts with shopping tags, which perfectly indexes the advertising network, understanding what you show interest in (product category and specific product), and this is what turns Ads Manager into a killer of contextual advertising.

4. Content Indexing 

An obvious Instagram problem that can make it difficult to conquer the pinnacle of online commerce is the terrible indexing of content, or rather its complete absence. You can’t find them in the Instagram search.

A noticeable change in the work of hashtags should improve the recommendation system and, maybe, establish a search inside Instagram.

By the way, this is where the huge problem of IGTV is buried, which can put an end to the development potential of the most unsuccessful product launch in the history of Instagram. Youtube, in addition to the fact that it is the largest video hosting in the world, is also the number 2 search engine in the world after Google, which makes the content life in it almost eternal.

You can publish content that will gain views for years, which cannot be said about IGTV.

5. Change application logic 

The size of the Stories section is growing very fast. It starts to occupy more space on the start screen. In the part of the tested assemblies, the Stories icons generally do not disappear when you scroll the feed, remaining linked to the top of the application.

Instagram may lose the news feed and completely switch to the Tinder format, I mean it.

At the same time, if you think that such drastic changes will frighten anybody, I don’t think so, at all. Then the buttons are swapped, the Direct-message button and the button to go to your profile. Is this not a global shift and Instagram’s attempt to compete for the messenger market?

And the innovations in the Direct section over the past year clearly indicate this. Instagram wouldn’t just add video calls (including group calls), gifs and quick answers for fun.

After all, ordinary Instagram users already fall too much, the interface is complicating every month. It would be possible to get another Facebook on the way out, in which even experienced users do not know all the buttons.

6. Coverage 

Monetization handbrake will be fully twisted out because the shareholders are expecting Instagram profit growth.

Which will clearly affect the coverage. Ordinary users are unlikely to feel any changes when communicating with friends, but brands will definitely remember Facebook coverage, for which you have to pay every time you want your audience to see your content.

The main question is what will happen to bloggers.

We don’t really believe in the happy ending of this story. 

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