This Story Behind Future Of Content Marketing!

What is the future of content marketing in india and in the world?

Before knowing the future of content marketing, you first know the following:

  • What is the content?
  • What does content marketing mean?
  • How many types of content are there for marketing?

In marketing viewpoint content is a piece of valuable information which attract people towards a product.

Therefore, content marketing is the form of merchandise a product by producing valuable and lucrative information [content]  before the audience. In a nutshell to grab the attention of the customers so that they can buy the product.

There are many types of content for content marketing. Eg. written content such as blog post or articleinfographicpicture or imagepodcastvideos and so on.

With the arrival of the internet in the market, the marketing strategy changed a lot. The so-called traditional methods are now at stake. All the manufacturers are adopting this policy for growing fast as it is a very easy and low-cost method rather than traditional methods like TV ads and Newspaper Ads.

The youths of the world, prefer the internet for purchasing a product more than going to a mall or a shop. Here the smartphone plays a major role. It seems that the future of content marketing is solely dependant upon the smartphone users.

Why not PC?

As per STATISTA there already more smartphone users than the PC users. It is increasing day by day with geometrical progression.

There is content type popularity comparison

Mobile-first. What is mobile content?

Mobile content it is not that different than the PC content. The only difference is that the shape of the content which is optimized for mobile devices.

Almost all content used in a computer is compatible with low configuration devices such as iPads, smartphones, and many others. Such content as Blog posts, Podcasts, Videos, and Images. These four types of content are dominating the content marketing world. Among them, YouTube video today is the best content for marketing or promoting a product. People are way more attractive and entertaining to watch videos than reading a 2000 words blog post.

Podcasting is also behind the video content. Busy people don’t have much time to watch videos, and prefer listening to audio while driving a car and travelling.

Images are still considered as very good quality content for content marketing. People love to view photos and there are also some advantages and social based on photography.

Mobile content works either by entertaining people or by providing proper and perfect information. People like entertaining content the most. They share these types of content on their Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, and other social sharing platforms.

Lucrative and entertaining content will make yourself famous overnight. It helps you to make yourself a brand. You will be acquainted with all kinds of people. And this should be the motto for being a good content marketer.

The futurity of content marketing depends upon Brands. People like brands. For example, if Neil Patel suggests you something for driving traffic to your blog, you must follow his steps. Why? Because he is a brand in the field of Digital Marketing.

Therefore, making yourself a brand by producing videos which is trending now will be beneficial for you if you want to be a content maker.

Blogging is still a good platform for a content marketer. But the negligence of reading is throwing blogging for content marketing in the gutter gradually. But don’t get frustrated as writings will remain to the end of this Universe. Just continue writing with informative and reliable information, people will read your article.

Why online video is the future of content marketing?

As mentioned above people feel more comfortable watching youtube or other kinds of videos such as Facebook, Instagram etc. than reading an email or a thousand words blog post.

According to Forbes by the end of 2019, almost 80% of traffic will be consumed by YouTube videos. Adding a video to emails can boost click-through rates by 2 or 3 times. Embedding videos increase CR by 80%. 9/10 of online marketers are currently using video content in their strategies.

Customers believe video content the most before purchasing a product. You will observe the growth rate of YouTube channels and their viewers. If you are a digital marketer or want to be you might realize the fact that videos is a must.

Videos in email marketing

The human behavior of opening an email has changed. They prefer video embedded email to an ordinary email with a lot of texts. The CTR (Click Through Rate) is high for this kind of email. Though image embedded email also does exactly like this. But it does not replace the first one.

Promoting a product through email is a well-known process. And the embedded video makes it more and more acceptable.

Will text content become irrelevant soon?

The answer is a big “NO”.

There is a lot of News Channel and YouTube Video for every kind of News. People like to watch this news and it is true that they watch these. People are still reading Blogs and Newspapers. There is a lot of information available on the internet about health, fashion, lifestyle that is still only in books and texts.

But there is a disadvantage of text content.

The disadvantage is SEO. SEO is becoming harder and harder day by day. After the implementation of AI on the search engine algorithm, Google and other search engine became very smart. They are working closer and closer to the human brain. Rank an article on Google’s first page is very difficult for everyone even for SEO Experts. But the problem is that there are very few content writers who can produce a good quality of text content.

What is the future of a quality content writer?  

In SEO’s point of view, unique and relevant content can rank very fast. If you make yourself a good quality content writer, you can earn a lot of money.

Besides that, you can still have the opportunity of making money through freelancing. There are many blogs and websites which find a writer for their article. They pay per word. the demand for a quality writer is stable

Writing a blog post is different than writing a book. It is a little bit tricky. People don’t usually like to read a 2000 or 3000 words blog post.


Writing a perfect blog post or an article takes time. It is not possible to write a good piece of article overnight.

There are many people who say ”I can’t write.” It is because you don’t write. So, I suggest you to write regularly to be a good content writer.

I assure you that you will one day be a good and famous content writer. Don’t think about the future of content marketing right now. Just keep writing.

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