Fiverr Affiliate program review – One of the Most Popular Affiliate Programs Online!

Chances are, you might be familiar with fiverr. It is a marketplace where freelancers complete your gigs for just $ 5 and multiples of it.

The question, however, is, did you know that it has an affiliate program as well?

If not, you will be surprised to know more about its affiliate program through this article. Today, we will provide you with a Fiverr review about its affiliate program. The review will not only help you understand the offerings of the affiliate program but also whether you should go for it or not. That is why; it will take a holistic approach and help you make the decision when you’re looking for one such affiliate program.

About Fiverr Affiliate program:

Fiverr has been around since 2010. Even though the hosting program is a later addition to it, but the site itself is quite popular and is among the top 100 sites in the United States. It speaks volumes regarding the popularity of this site. It is venture-funded as well. So, you can be sure that the affiliate program, as well as the website in itself, is reliable.

Moreover, with freelancers on the website increasing day by day, you can be sure about its success as well as popularity. In terms of background checks, there is nothing to worry about when joining this affiliate program.

Fiverr Affiliate program features:

The features of the fiverr affiliate program are as follows:

  1. High popularity:

One of the features of this affiliate program is that the fiverr site, in particular, is very popular. That is why, when you’re promoting it to the right audience, you can be sure that you will get conversion quite quickly. It is a good idea to go with the affiliate product, which is widespread and trusted. It helps you in increasing the conversion rate. That is what you will experience when going with fiverr.

  1. Multiple products on offer:

Did you know that fiverr has more products than just the marketplace?

It is various products like:

• Fiverr pro

• Learn from fiverr


If you do not want to promote the marketplace for some reason, you can promote these additional products. The fiverr affiliate program pays you on promoting these other affiliate products. It means that you will get some diversification as well. Since these are associated with the fiverr brand, getting conversions on these is also comparatively easier. There are numerous products that certainly helps it stand out.

  1. Caters to various digital categories:

The fiverr marketplace has many categories in which freelancers provide their services. You can gain a commission by promoting any of these categories. The commission rate might change from one category to another. However, the point is that irrespective of the type of audience which you have, you will find at least one category which you can promote to them. Moreover, since it is a trusted marketplace, you will not have to worry about the low conversion rate, either. It is one of the reasons why fiverr stands out when compared to other similar affiliate programs.

  1. Ever-increasing digital products:

When you’re signing up with any affiliate program, it is better to look at the number of offers that it has. Similarly, when promoting the fiverr affiliate program, you’re promoting the gigs of various freelancers. The site has witnessed exponential growth in the last few years. So, the number of clicks that you can promote is on the higher side.

With the ever-increasing number of digital products on offer, the options which you have are also higher. As a result, finding one which would convert at a higher percentage is easy.

  1. Low payment threshold:

The payment threshold is $ 100. You will get paid, once you hit that level. You can request the payment on your own. As a result, getting paid is quick and easy.

  1. Excellent customer support:

Another advantage is that fiverr provides you with customer support through the ticket system as well as through social media channels. It means that in case of confusion, you will be able to contact them easily and quickly.

Also, they are fast to respond, which is why you should go with this affiliate program.

  1. Exclusive product:

Once again, when joining the fiverr affiliate program, you are joining the unique program. It allows you to promote fiverr only. If you try to promote fiverr through any other medium or affiliate network, there are hardly any other opportunities available. Thus, when you want to promote this popular marketplace, it is the only affiliate program which you should go with.

Can you find any other affiliate program with the same features?

We guess not!

The offerings of the affiliate program are merely unparalleled. If you want to promote fiverr, this is your only option. So, it becomes a no-brainer.

We would go into the other details of this affiliate program to help you understand more about it.

Fiverr Affiliate Program Interface:

The sign-up process of this affiliate program is pretty simple. The amount of information that it asks you to submit is preliminary. You have to submit your personal details and how you are going to promote it. Only once you provide this information, your application can go through.

The best thing here is that the sign-up process is pretty fast. The support gets back to you pretty quickly. As a result, getting approval is not a problem.

Fiverr Affiliate program Main Menu:

The main menu of the affiliate program allows you to view the earnings easily. It also alerts you of the gigs that are converting the best for you. As a result, when you need any of these stats, it will become easy for you to check the dashboard and get those details.

Fiverr Affiliate program Offer:

It is where this affiliate program gets even more interesting. It offers you, two models. These are:


• CPA plus Revenue share

These models are available only for the fiverr marketplace. For the other tools like CPA for fiverr pro, fiverr learn, and, it offers revenue share.

As you can see, you can decide not only the product or the service you want to promote but how you want to get paid as well. As a result, it becomes easy for you to decide the monetization method. The level of freedom which this affiliate program provides you with is excellent.


• Popular product

• Different monetization methods

• Numerous products available

• Easy to convert

• Faster payout methods

• Exclusive product

• Excellent customer support


• Payment is a bit slow.


A fiverr affiliate program is an excellent option if you have an audience related to digital marketing or online business verticals. Moreover, the affiliate program sells by itself. That is why; the amount of effort which you would have to put in is pretty limited. Considering these factors, it is a program that is sure to grab your attention.

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  1. Kristina

    CPC and CPM are more susceptible to fraud than CPA. I had a chance to work on the same network. The main argument in the fight for fair traffic was Revenue Share – in fact, the percentage of sales. If the leads of a particular traffic owner in total bring the advertiser more money than he spent on advertising, then this is a good traffic owner. Payments for high-quality traffic were instant, no 20-30 days. In case of suspicion of fraud, of course, had to deal with individually. If advertisers were more willing to go for advanced integration, it would be much easier to weed out bots. I agree about the conversion. But, again, RS, and even more so “lifetime” RS (for example, N% from each deposit in a casino), bring to the site far from the smallest part of the money. Many advertisers are willing to pay from 30% to 50% of the deal one-time.

  2. BrianFr

    I have heard more than once about the Fiverr site. Which undoubtedly speaks in favor of its wide popularity. The more interesting it was to learn about the Affiliate Program, an analysis of which is presented in detail in this article. Be sure to check out! The material really deserves the attention of the reader. First of all, because it opens up many opportunities for earning and promotion.