Fireads review – The network with fast payouts!

The problem with choosing an affiliate network these days is that there are too many options available. It is not even possible to compare all of them. It will take a lot of time and would be meaningless since many of them offer features that are unique to them.

However, one common thing is that you should prefer the network with faster payouts. Today, we will share with you one such affiliate network. Our fireads review will help you understand why this network is the right choice and also what kind of payouts does it offer. If you’re in two minds regarding this network, our review will certainly help you out.

About fireads:

Before we go into the features of this affiliate network, it is essential to look at its history. It has been around since 2011. It means that it has a history of more than nine years behind it.

In this time, it has paid out more than $ 10 million to affiliates. It also has hundreds of thousands of publishers registered with it as well. It means that the affiliate network has witnessed consistent growth. It certainly does inspire confidence when looking for a reliable affiliate network.

Fireads features:

We will now go into the features of this affiliate network to help you understand what it offers and what makes it different than other affiliate networks.

1. 9 years of experience:

One of the prime reasons why you should go with this affiliate network is because of its rich history. Since it has a history of more than nine years, you can be sure that it is a reliable network. You need not worry about delayed payments or no payments by the affiliate network. As we will highlight below, it is one of the rare systems which offers 48-hour payouts as well. Keeping these factors in mind, if you have any doubt over this affiliate network, it is time to set aside those doubts.

2. Over 200000 affiliates:

The number of publishers of an affiliate network speaks volumes about its credibility. This affiliate network displays on its home page that it has over 220,000 publishers. The fact that it is in existence for more than nine years proves this as well. Also, such growth is only possible when the affiliate network is legit. It is a clear-cut indicator that the network is up to the mark, and there is nothing wrong with the affiliate network.

3. Reputed advertisers:

There are many reputed advertisers on the affiliate network. Reputed advertisers only choose reliable networks. Some of these advertisers include:

• Gearbest

• CashGroup

• Aliexpress

• Allegro

• And so on

The quality of the advertisers can benefit you immensely when you’re joining an affiliate network. With names like that, you can be sure that scaling up your campaigns and also establishing your campaigns is easier than ever when you’re using this affiliate network. There are very few affiliate networks that work with such marquee name advertisers.

4. Fast payouts:

The affiliate network offers a lot of payment options. These payment options include:

• Weekly payments

• Instant payments

• 48-hour payments

Yes, you read it right. On some of the offers, it does offer instant payments as well. It means that you will be able to access your earnings in no time. It also offers multiple payment options like:

• PayPal

• Wire transfer

• WebMoney

• ePayments

• And so on

It means that not only you get the payouts quickly, but you can also choose your preferred method of payment, which allows you to scale your campaigns quickly. The network significantly reduces the capital requirement, and therefore, you can grow your business at a brisk pace.

5. 24/7 support:

The network has a dedicated team of affiliate managers. It means that should you have any queries; you can get help quickly. It has 24/7 support channels. You will not have to wait for a long time to get help. In most cases, you will get help almost instantaneously, which is a definite advantage. There are seldom any other affiliate networks that provide 24/7 support without any exceptions.

The fast support, as well as the even faster payouts, makes this affiliate network an excellent option to work with. We will now share with you the details regarding the signup process as well as the main menu to help you understand more about this affiliate network.

Fireads Interface:

Fireads has a very simplistic interface when it comes to signup. It just asks for basic details. Also, it does not inquire much about your promotion methods either. Due to this reason, you can complete the signup process in no time. The approval is equally quick as well, which means that you can use the offers as well as the products by Fireads quite quickly.

Fireads Main Menu:

Fireads has a sidebar that allows you to switch between offers, earnings, support, and various such pages. Also, under the offers section, you will get many filters that will enable you to find the right offers. That is why; using this affiliate network is not much of a problem.

Fireads Offers:

With over 300 different offers, you have plenty of choices when going with this affiliate network. Also, the 300 offers are spread across different types as well, which means that it becomes easier for you to find the relevant offers. We will go into the details of all these offers below.

• CPA Offers:

CPA offers gain your conversion whenever the user completes an action. It can be submitting an email or a survey or something else.

• CPS Offers:

CPS offers a stand for cost per sale. In this, the merchant shares with you a percentage of the sale. That is why; these offers can pay significantly higher than others.

• CPL Offers:

CPL stands for cost per lead. If you have targeted traffic, you can send it to merchants in that industry to generate leads for them. These often pay more than CPA offers.

• CPI/PPI Offers:

CPI stands for cost per install. PPI stands for pay per install. In both of these, you get paid when the visitor installs some software or application.

These are the four types of offers available on this affiliate network. With these offer types, you can be sure that monetizing your traffic will become easier. You have plenty of choices as well, which makes it easy to boost your earnings.

Below, we will list down the pros and cons to help you know more about this affiliate network.


• Credible network

• 24/7 support

• Multiple types of offers available

• Faster payouts

• Direct offers

• Over 200,000 publishers

• Works with reputed advertisers


• European offers are limited


Fireads is an affiliate network that offers you almost every feature which you might look for. With a rich, credible history, it is challenging to find any negative point about this affiliate network. That is why, if you’re in two minds regarding this affiliate network, we would recommend you to go for it due to its faster payouts that are unseen among other affiliate networks.

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