eBay Affiliate Program Review

Review of official eBay Affiliate Program

The epn.ebay.com affiliate program launched in 2016 from the second-largest online trading platform in the world. The entire product base of the platform is involved. Geographical coverage – the whole world. Its eCommerce ecosystem includes specialty websites like Shopping.com, StubHub, Gumtree, Kijiji.

eBay Affiliate Program

Anyone with an eBay account in good standing can join the program. The program is self-hosted and uses proprietary affiliate tracking software. Let’s review the details of the program.

There are many types of tools available for partners, we`ll name the most useful and popular of it:

– direct link generator (Link Generator);

– Single line code Smart links generator;

– A browser extension that generates DeepLink in just two clicks (Bookmarklet Tool);

– A promotion section – a time-based collection focused on a theme, that updated daily ;

EPN has a commission structure of 50 to 70 percent depending on the product category. Affiliates can get additional bonuses equal to 100 percent (1x) of their base earnings when order is made by new buyers or buyers who have not purchased from eBay last year.

eBay’s payout threshold is pretty small. EPN pays commissions once a month. Payments are made through PayPal EPS.

The affiliate program Dashboard is very simple. eBay provides a great set of affiliate marketing tools. Deep linking is the practice by which an affiliate creates a link to a specific page on the merchant’s site. For example, instead of using a homepage affiliate link, I can link to a specific item that relates to my post. Publishers can deep-link to search results, trends, events, daily deals, and more. RSS feeds, APIs, and product feeds are available too.

Reporting and analytics are straightforward. EPN’s reporting dashboard provides all the details affiliates would want traffic type, clicks, earnings, and conversion rates.

EPN’s 24-hour cookie life long is a big disadvantage. Affiliates get paid for “qualifying transactions.” A qualifying transaction occurs when a user makes a purchase within 24 hours after clicking your link or if places a bid on an auction. Usually, affiliate programs have 7,14,30 even 90-day cookies and conversion periods.

EPN affiliates who claim to be making thousands of dollars each month are probably lying or did so many years ago. Here are some stats for you with average EPC of 0.01$

Probably, eBay should rank lower than Amazon program or even Aliexpress one due to its short cookie life span.


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