DMSAffiliates review – The network with an International Focus!

Very few networks have an International approach. The problem is that if the network has a local approach, the offers will be pretty targeted. If you do not have traffic to matches those offers, it is difficult to use such an affiliate network.

On the other hand, when you go with the international affiliate network, it is easy to find relevant offers. Today, we will share the review of one such international affiliate network. We are speaking of DMSAffiliates. Our DMSAffiliates review will help you understand if this network is up to the mark or not.

About DMSAffiliates:

The network has been around for a little more than four years. It means that it has a considerable amount of experience. During this time, it has always paid its affiliate on time. Moreover, the homepage of the network itself states that the test and more than 1000 payments. The total number of affiliates is also more than 4000. Considering these features and payments of over $ 30,000 in just the last month, it is a pretty credible network. When you consider these factors, you will realize that there is no doubt over the affiliate network.

DMSAffiliates features:

There are quite a few features of this affiliate network that help it stand out. Once you go through these features below, it is easy to understand why this network is a reliable option.

  1. Real-time reporting:

Often, delay in reporting can cost an affiliate dearly. While a handful of is to offer real-time reporting but it is not a feature which you can take for granted. That is why, when conducting due diligence on the network, it is essential to choose one which offers real-time reporting. This one does.

It means that when running a campaign, you can keep a watch on it quite easily. It is the prime reasons why you should go with this affiliate network.

  1. 24/7 support:

The support on offer is 24/7. Moreover, there are multiple support channels that you can use to contact them. So, it becomes easy to get help in case anything goes wrong.

  1. Responsive landing pages:

All the landing pages of this affiliate network are responsive. It means that even if your visitors are browsing the landing pages through the smartphone or any other device, there is a high chance that you can get a conversion. You will not have to change the affiliate links according to the device of the user. Considering his fact, it becomes easy to monetize your website using the offers from this network.

  1. Caters to various verticals:

Another advantage of this affiliate network is that it caters to multiple verticals. These verticals include:

• Binary

• Dating

• Gambling

• Forex

• Giveaways

• And so on

As a result, monetizing your website by using the offers from this network is easier than ever. Also, there are different types of offers available in each vertical. As a result, you can optimize your campaigns for the highest converting offer.

  1. Over 400 offers:

In total, the number of offers available is over 400. These offers are spread across types and verticals. As a result, no matter the vertical in which you are operating, it will be easy to find the relevant offer. At the same point in time, the network is adding more and more offers consistently. It means that you are likely to find newer offers in your vertical within the next few weeks itself. With no shortage of options, monetizing your website is quite easy when using this network.

  1. Tie-ups with marquee name advertisers:

There are quite a few well-known merchants on the network like:

• Quasar Gaming

• LeoVegas


• And so on

You can work with these merchants to get access to some high-paying offers. At the same time, these marquee name merchants do not have any flaws in their records as well. It means that you can increase the volumes significantly. Besides, such marquee name investors also are a testament to the quality of the network itself.

  1. Fast Payouts:

The network does not shy away from putting you on weekly payments without waiting for you to scale up your traffic. Due to this reason, you can get access to your capital quite quickly. Scaling up the campaigns also becomes very easy when you’re on weekly payments. Moreover, after a few weeks, you can run multiple campaigns as well. It will allow you to make a significant amount of money due to the low capital requirement.

With all these features, chances are you can quickly expand your affiliate marketing business rapidly. This affiliate network not only provides you with access to popular offers but also makes it effortless and simple to grow your business manifold.

DMSAffiliates Interface:

The registration process is relatively simple. You have to submit your personal information. Additionally, you have to submit your website information and the sources of traffic which you are using. Once you provide both the information, your application will go for approval. The approval rate is pretty high. As a result, your chances of getting approved are also on the higher side with minimum delay in account approval.

DMSAffiliates Main Menu:

The main menu of this network is self-explanatory. You can access the newer offers, view your daily earnings, and even detailed earnings report. You can also contact your affiliate manager through email support from the dashboard. It will allow you to efficiently conduct your business activities about the network from the dashboard. There is no learning curve at all. With everything accessible from the dashboard itself, you need not waste your time in searching for settings or viewing your campaign reports.

The easily accessible main menu helps you take a glance at the performance of your campaign and allows you to make changes according to your requirements.

DMSAffiliates Offers:

The affiliate network has quite a few offer types available so that you can choose one as per your traffic and requirements. The various kinds of offers available on this network are:




Let us now look at the pros and cons of this network to understand more.


• Four years of experience

• Fast support

• Marquee name advertisers

• Plenty of offers

• International approach

• Simple signup process

• Weekly payments


• Limited CPS offers


DMSAffiliates is one of the fastest-growing international affiliate networks. With a wide variety of offers and on-time weekly payments, you cannot go wrong with this network. If you have international traffic or traffic from multiple countries, this is an affiliate network that can help you monetize your website quite easily. With an ever-growing list of offers, you will have no dearth of options when you’re going with this affiliate network.

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