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CuteStockFootage is a platform for stock photos, clips, and audio files. The platform states that right from when it was created; it offered the best of free footage on all kinds of content types. These include video, audio, and graphics and that pattern remains in place. Musicians and all kinds of content producers can make use of the platform. The platform offers paid and free content and it also offers space for advertising which is one of its streams of revenue.


CuteStockFootage has hundreds of video, audio, and image file most of which are available for download by the users. It has a decent number of users and donors too; the names and amount have been listed out on its donation page.


The service features include offering the finest photo, sound, and video material that any beginner filmmaker, 3D artist, content enthusiast, video editor, sampler, mixers, musicians, and others will find very useful. The features include lots of content ideal for audio and video projects. A quick search on the platform by any user can easily yield downloads.


CuteStockFootage offers the best of videos, images, and sound files. It offers both free and paid footage, backgrounds, light leaks, overlays, VFX, SFX, textures, and a whole lot. The content on offer on CuteStockFootage is very useful for video or sound professionals at every level of skill. That means amateur and experts will find the platform quite useful.


The service content license from CuteStockFootage allows the users to make use of all the content in any project they want and that applies to all commercial and non-commercial tasks. This remains as long as the user sticks to the terms and conditions stipulated on the platform.

However, the copyright license is not transferred to the user as it remains with CuteStockFootage. Once a user agrees to the terms and conditions, the person is given a non-exclusive license to make use of the content in any of their projects.


While there are free resources on CuteStockFootage, there are also some other packs of content that are not free. Payment for these commercial packs is done using PayPal. These include the Countdown Film Clutters Packs, Bokeh Particles with Flares Packs, Old Film Look Overlays Pack, and SnowFlakes Pack.

Users select the one that they can afford and the payment can also be done using credit cards. Hence, CuteStockFootage is not free; you will have to select the ones that best meet your needs and budget.


  • There are a lot of free resources of outstanding quality.
  • The user interface is excellent; you will find it easy to use.


  • It offers packs that many users will find costly.
  • Searching for files can be quite hectic.


CuteStockFootage is not the largest of its type but it has a respectable reserve of content. These include videos, photos, and audio files. Even though there is still a lot of room for improvement, it can be ranked overall as a good one.

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