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Coverr describes itself as a vast collection of various types of videos. As videos become more popular and relevant as a form of content in various areas, Coverr seeks to be the platform that offers all kinds of videos for its users – all for free. From the perfect and most stunning background for superb music videos to natural settings or clips of city life, Coverr has all.


Coverr was established in 2015 and it boasts of a catalog that has thousands of high-quality and free videos that are so widely accepted that they have been downloaded well over 5 million times and gets up to 1.1 million views every month.


Coverr offers the coolest videos that have been made to energize, inspire, and support the user. That explains why it has grown from in 2012 to a mega platform that links gifted filmmakers, film students, and creative content buffs all over the world.


Coverr focuses on high-quality video content which is offered free to all the users. Unlike some other stock content platforms, Coverr does not concentrate on or include photos, icons, and vectors. Its main focus is on videos – the best of them all. The videos cover several aspects of life and some include work, business, fitness, food, health, fitness, relationships, aerial videography, and many more.


All the videos on the platforms are available at no charge for personal, commercial, and also non-commercial applications by the users. There is no need to ask for permission or even give credits to anyone or Coverr but it is appreciated if a user can do so. The platform offers a non-exclusive and irrevocable copyright license for users to modify, download, use, copy, and perform the videos without any need for attribution or permission.

However, the service content license from Coverr does not cover the right to do a compilation of videos from Coverr and it also does not cover the right to make use of logos, trademarks, brands, or recognizable images of people that appear in the video. Users also cannot sell or redistribute videos from Coverr.


Coverr is completely free so there are paid or service usage plans. There is no hidden charge or fee of any kind so it is truly free in every sense of it.


  • Attribution is not required at all, but it is appreciated whenever given by users.
  • There is no need for any sign-up, anyone from anywhere can simply download videos of excellent quality and use them with ease.
  • The videos can be used for your personal and commercial projects without any hassle.


  • It concentrates only on videos – no photos, icons, or vectors.
  • Coverr does not have an API.


Creative content producers often search for the perfect videos they can use to get their message across to the audience. Coverr is a dependable platform of videos on various areas and with the highest quality – all for free and with no need for attribution.

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