Coronavirus and affiliate marketing. New reality.

Only the lazy one hasn’t made his prediction about the COVID impact yet. The arbitration media are dotted with surveys of partners, advertising networks, and arbitrators. Everyone is hip on the subject, and everyone is trying to take advantage of it.

The partners put pressure on everyone to sit at home and make a nice convert. Advertising networks say that large advertisers have left the auction, and it became super cheap. And services in addition to the first two are advertised as a shovel for the gold digger.

I do not understand how you can give a forecast of 2 simultaneously occurring critical events (coronavirus and a record fall in oil), which have never happened before. And how any arbitrators can predict anything, while real economists are absolutely powerless.


It’s bad. The majority of advertisers have completely stopped work, the list of partners’ officials is noticeably reduced. And those offers that are left, to put it mildly, don’t fit.

Let me give you an example – we poured on goods worth 30 bucks, the payment of the web – 6. And now the same product costs 60 bucks, the payment has remained the same. Do you think it’s still possible to pour on it? (Especially if we add the fallen purchasing power and fear of people to spend money).

It is also worth adding situational operas like masks and orderlies, so at the time of publication of this post the bird has already flown away. And in the first days of the hippie really converted cheerfully.


The partners say the call centers are full, and there are no lead caps at all. And that’s even though Facebook is now roasting advertisers in all available places. But it’s true, everything is surprisingly good with the revenue (where offers are alive). But there is a problem with the traffic figures – almost all programs are badly processing leads and sinking the approval.


It’s no longer with us. The partners have basically two answers to this statement – “redirect on eSports” and “we connected gambling”.

The most important argument that will force any thinking person to give up betting is that the networks themselves are proposing to switch to their alternative gamble products. And if you’re already thinking about gambling, you should go straight to the niche partner that’s always been there. The only exception is Pinup, which has successfully proven itself as a gamble.


PP assure us that the audience is now home, rolled up their sleeves and ready to install your slots bay. That such activity has never happened, and will never happen again. We need to fill it up right now.

Don’t know if it’s going to disappoint or delight you, but the activity rate is the same as before the crisis. There is also a serious problem with the lack of applications – since mid-March they have been cut and banned cruelly.

But the niche is definitely alive, you can work. This is already a success, given the general state of affairs.


There is an interesting point here – on the one hand, people at home are bored, and they want to communicate. On the other hand, you don’t get fat right now, and the fear that you’re pumped up with the virus of desire to get new physical contacts doesn’t add much. In any case, we see a KPI sagging, and payments are often cut off.

But at the same time, the demand fordating apps is large, still plenty of dope offers. So somebody’s still pouring traffic.


Conversion rates fell a little bit, but overall nothing changed. But the partners are starting to get into trouble with holds.Some of the large PPs already encountered a problems.

Most of the partners have been cut off completely for the quarantine period almost a month already, as the government has allowed the population not to give loans during this period. This instantly killed the economy of microfinancing.

At first, some companies had strategies to continue working, but in the end, it became clear that quarantine could only be waived. So now there is simply no promising market for the time being.

In general, MFIs are critically dependent on the length of the quarantine, as with other businesses, each month of renewal promises long months of recovery. But on the other hand, everybody understands that the quarantine runs out of money for the population, and when it is possible to take microcredits again, people will start using them with double zeal. That’s when it will be possible to earn extra money. The main thing is to catch the moment.


As with gambling, everyone assumed that the convert and retention in the games will increase too. Indicators have really grown, the demand for games has increased.

Game publishers do not know how the audience will behave in the new reality. The fact that everyone sits at home and actively plays – it is clear to everyone. But that’s what LTV will be like? How will people with fallen income get enough of it? Will increased activity cover decreased purchasing power?

So the budgets remain the same at best, the offers are unstable, let’s see what happens next.


We have no claim to the truth in any way and admit that things may be different for you.

The most important recommendation is to keep working, even if it seems ineffective. The market is very volatile now – today the traffic can be expensive, and tomorrow it’s cheap. Today offer converts, and tomorrow it won’t. The conditions change literally weekly, so you have to try all the time.

In the end, it is easy to climb under the shell of “all bad, wait until the quarantine passes”: at this time your competitors will earn money, and you in addition to stagnation will lose your skills. Unfortunately, we cannot influence viruses and the economy, but this is not a reason to relax. What we are doing now determines the starting point when the economy starts to grow.

There are advantages and opportunities at any time, even in a globally fucked up world like this.

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  1. khatuna

    The coronavirus epidemic certainly affected marketing and all areas of life. We expected an increase in activity, but against the background of a decrease in purchasing power, even alternative methods did not help

  2. Azzie Wilensky

    Hey, thanks for a great post, it seems everyone these days is trying to make a little extra on the side but it is so hard to find really good blogs like yours. I’ve also been following this guy for a while and have had some success as a begginer using some of his methods.