Convert2Media review – A Reputed Affiliate Network!

Convert2Media is a pretty reputed name in the affiliate marketing industry. Quite a few affiliates are using this network. Moreover, the number of offers available is also increasing consistently. Keeping these in mind, you might be thinking that you should directly sign up with this affiliate network. However, instead of doing so, it is advisable to check out the reviews of this network. Once you check out the reviews, it will be easier for you to understand if it is up to the mark or not.

Today, we will share with you our Convert2Media review. Once you go through it, it will be easier for you to understand more about this network. It is always better to know as much information as you can before signing up with the affiliate network.

About Convert2Media:

Convert2Media has been around for 7 years. During this time, it has won many awards. It means that it is a pretty reputed network which you can go with. In addition to that, the number of offers on this network is ever increasing.

It has ranked in the top 10 affiliate networks regularly. Also, it is one of the fastest-growing companies in its sector as well. As a result, you can be sure that it is a credible affiliate network. Also, with the stellar record over seven years, once you go with this network, you won’t have any complaints.

However, without looking at the features of this network, you should not make your decision. We will highlight the features.

Convert2Media features:

The features of this affiliate network are as follows:

  1. Over 4000 offers:

Convert2Media is one of the largest affiliate networks which you will ever come across. Which other affiliate network has more than 4000 offers?

This one over the years has grown tremendously. That is why, when you sign up with this network, you will have access to more than 4000 offers. The advantage is that these offers are spread across various verticals. It means that whether your site is in the health niche or finance niche or business niche, you will find a lot of offers in these niches as well.

Monetizing your website with the offers found on this network is not going to be a difficult task. It is one of the reasons why affiliates regard this network pretty highly.

Even after having 4000 offers, the network is consistently expanding. Each month you will find more offers available. In this regard, it is one of the best networks which you can go with.

  1. Multiple payment methods:

The network supports a variety of payment options. It is easy to choose a payment option which is more convenient to you. The payment options include:

• Check

• PayPal

• Wire transfer

• Payoneer


As you can see, every type of payment mode is on offer. When choosing the payment mode, it is easy for you to choose the most convenient mode available. That is why; this network is such a great option.

  1. Fast payouts:

Do you prefer affiliate networks that provide a quicker way out?

If yes, then to this network will help you out. It offers weekly as well as a net15 payment basis. Once you sign up with the network, you would be put on a net15 payment basis. Once your traffic quality is proven, you can be put on a weekly payment basis. When you’re put on a weekly payment basis, you can handle your capital requirement easily. Also, since the payments are automatic, it will be easy to receive the payment on time always. The faster payout helps you scale up your business quickly.

  1. Exclusive offers:

With such a stellar track record, you can be sure that the reputation of the network is good enough among the merchants as well. Due to this reason, a lot of merchants use this network for running exclusive offers. Moreover, the network has direct relationships with various merchants. It means that the commissions which you get are on the higher side. Considering all of these, it becomes easier to access offers that are not available to other affiliate marketers.

  1. Excellent support:

With multiple support channels, you can contact your affiliate manager or other executives of the company. Moreover, the support is quick to reply as well. You can use the contact page available on the website, or you can use the email of the network or contact them on social media channels or even over the messenger. These channels are pretty quick to respond. If you have a query regarding a particular offer or a glitch in tracking traffic, they can answer all of that in a relatively short time.

Faster support certainly is an advantage.

  1. Vast experience:

As we stated above, the company has experience of more than seven years. It means that it has seen the up and down in the affiliate marketing industry. That is why you can be sure that you are dealing with an experienced company. This experience comes in handy when looking for new offers or when facing any tracking errors or any other problem with the affiliate links.

Considering that this affiliate network is one of the most reputed names in the industry, you do not have anything to worry about. Moreover, with these features, you will hardly have any complaints when using this affiliate network.

Convert2Media Interface:

The application process is a bit longer than other affiliate networks. It is a 6-step process. However, if you submit all the information accurately, gaining approval is not much of a difficult task when signing up on this network. You might have to wait for long as there are quite a few affiliates, but they approve most of the legit applications, and therefore you have nothing to worry about.

Convert2Media Main menu:

The network relies on simplicity. That is why, when you take a look at the interface, you will realize that it is pretty simple. Whether you want to use the campaigns and offers or whether you want to check your earnings report on whether you wish to contact the support department, you can do so in a single click. On the dashboard as well, you can view the latest offers as well as your daily earnings. All in all, it becomes effortless for you to use the dashboard.

Convert2Media Offers:

The type of offers available in this affiliate network are also plenty.

These include:




• Pay per call


• Elaborate network

• Faster payouts

• Excellent support

• Wide variety of offers

• Simple interface

• Plenty of exclusive offers


• The approval process could be faster


Convert2Media does not disappoint you when it comes to the offer quality or support. Also, your earnings are on the higher side since they have direct relationships with many advertisers. With the necessary features available, and the network being one of the most reputed in the industry, there is no reason to not go for it.

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