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Clipcanvas describes itself as a platform for nicely-priced, royalty-free, and curated 4K and high-definition video clips brought to the users from Scandinavia. It says no subscription is needed on its platform.


Clipcanvas was established in 2007 in the Norwegian capital city of Oslo. It has evolved into a platform that has more than 600,000 high-quality video clips that have been taken by movie makers and film producers in their tens of thousands from different countries in the world. It boasts of constantly adding fresh content to the platform and its profile seems to be on a steady rise in the video production niche.


Clipcanvas says there is no need for a subscription and that users can purchase the clips when they need them. It also promises there is no need for recurring costs on the credit card if you opt-out of it. The services are ideal for filmmakers, movie producers, documentary makers, researchers, bloggers, and a whole lot of others.


Clipcanvas offers some of the highest-quality videos from different parts of Scandinavia and that makes it a unique stock clip platform. If you are looking for the best clips from Scandinavian nations, Clipcanvas will serve you very well.


The license agreement for Clipcanvas is very specific and it is far from flexible. All the content displayed or featured on the platform belongs to Clipcanvas AS, licensors, and/or the contributors. No portion is to be retransmitted or copied apart from viewing the content and Clipcanvas service all of which remain the exclusive property of the parties named earlier.

There is a grant of royalty-free license but that also has its very specific limits that guide the usage by the subscribers on the platform. It is expected the subscriber gets familiar with all the terms outlined with the license.


Clipcanvas is not free and you can decide to pay for a set or you choose to pay per clip. As of December 2020, five videos on the platform as a pack cost $333, 10 cost $628 and 150 videos will set you back by over $7,000.

Another plan on the platform is the pay per item offer which allows you to pay the sum of $79 for each clip from your shopping cart. Unlike other stock content platforms, this is not free.


  • There is a search bar that makes looking for clips easy.
  • It has heavy Nordic themes, ideal for those in this niche.
  • The quality of the videos is unmatched.
  • 40% of the earnings are given to the video artists.


  • You cannot download even free videos without registering and logging in.
  • The clips are very expensive; a single 4K clip can cost almost EUR 50.


Clipcanvas is a good platform for high-quality videos but the high pricing model is going to discourage many users. But if you can afford the pricing, you are going to enjoy Clipcanvas a lot. Video artists also make good earnings from the pricing model.

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