Clickbooth Review – What Does Clickbooth Offers to CPA Marketers?

Clickbooth is a leading name in the performance marketing industry. Managed by Sarasota, FL based IntegraClick LLC. the company is notable for delivering cutting-edge tools and services to both advertisers and publishers. The network’s sharp focus on quality and excellence has won it many laurels, including the award of world’s top CPA network for 3 years in a row. For CPA marketers who are interested in making money from performance marketing, here are some good reasons to choose Clickbooth:

1) Experience – The company was founded in 2002 which makes it one of the oldest performance marketing companies on the internet. The network manages advertising accounts for a large number of companies including many Fortune 500 corporations. Consider that there are many fly by night CPA companies around, Clickbooth’s 17+ years of experience is definitely a big plus.

2) Offers – The network has over 500+ high-paying offers in a variety of niches such as Health and Beauty, Finance, Dating, Gaming, App Installs and several others. What’s interesting is that 85% of the offers are totally exclusive to the company (they are not available anywhere else)! The network handles CPA (Cost Per Action), CPL (Cost Per Lead), CPE (Cost Per Engagement), CPI (Cost Per Install) and CPC (Cost Per Click) offers for advertisers so affiliates have lots of options to make money (clicks, leads, sales, engagements and app installs).

3) Affiliate tools – Clickbooth offers several cutting-edge solutions to make the lives of affiliate marketers easier. In addition to the industry standard links, banners and pixel tracking tools, the company offers an innovative Brand & Image Rotation solution which allows affiliates to promote multiple offers with just one link. In addition, there is a Multi-Level Offer Priority tool available which makes it easy to select specific offers by leveraging the company’s algorithm.

4) Tracking – Clickbooth uses industry leading CAKE performance marketing software to track the performance of advertising campaigns. This helps the company to capture and validate clicks, leads and sales accurately in real-time. This is indeed a big boon for the affiliates since they can track performance of their campaigns in real-time and tweak their marketing efforts to achieve best results.

5) Payment – Clickbooth has a Net-15 and weekly payment schedule. The minimum payout is set at $50 and affiliates have several payment options to choose from including PayPal, Check, ACH (Direct Deposit) and International Wire.

6) Support – The network offers great support to affiliate via an extensive knowledgebase section, FAQ, support tickets and telephone.

7) Affiliate Reward Program – The company has an affiliate reward program which is open to all affiliates. Affiliates need to earn at least $20,000 over a 12 month period to be able to exchange their reward points in exchange for gifts or products.

While there are several pros to joining Clickbooth as a CPA marketer, here is a drawback associated with the company:

1) Not newcomer friendly – Clickbooth is not exactly a newbie friendly network. If you are totally new to performance marketing then your application may not be accepted at all. Unlike some CPA companies which auto-approve affiliate applications, the network follows a rigorous approach to screening and accepting affiliates. This is understandable since the network is managing advertising for many large advertisers who want only the best results in addition to brand protection.

Overall, Clickbooth is a fantastic performance marketing network which offers exclusive high paying offers and industry best affiliate tools to marketers. CPA marketers looking to expand their earning opportunities and getting better results for their marketing efforts should definitely consider joined Clickbooth.

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