Clickadu review – The affiliate network that specializes in Adult Offers!

Are you looking for a network that has a lot of offers in the adult niche?

If yes, we will today help you out. We will share with you the review of one such a network. Once you go through this review, making your decision regarding the network will be easier than ever. We are speaking about Clickadu. Our Clickadu review will go into every detail of the network. Once you go through this review, making your decision will be easier.

About Clickadu:

Clickadu has been around since 2014. It means that it is a rich history behind it. During this time, it has always paid on time. So, there are virtually no complaints from the affiliates as well. It is consistently grown during this period as well. So, keeping this in mind and its specialization in the adult niche, you can expect that you are dealing with a reliable network. You will neither have to worry about offers, nor would you have to worry about payments when going with this affiliate network.

Clickadu features:

We will now highlight the features of this affiliate network to help you know more about it.

  1. High CPM rates:

In the adult industry, most offers pay on a CPM basis. In this monetization method, you are paid on 1000 views basis that you generate for the advertiser While making a lot of money is difficult using this model, but this network pays you higher CPM rates. You will find these higher rates on many offers across the network.

When you are an adult affiliate, this pay bump is undoubtedly beneficial. When that is the case, it becomes easier for you to compete with others in the competitive adult industry. Even a slight pay bump in the competitive adult industry can help you a lot. This network routinely offers you higher CPMs. As a result, it is easy for you to throughout your competition and comes out on top. It is a considerable advantage, especially in such a niche.

  1. Niche Offers:

As we highlighted earlier, this network primarily operates in the adult vertical. That is why; finding niche offers on this network is quite easy. Over the years, it has added a lot of offers in the adult vertical. That is why these days the variety of offers which you have will always be on the higher side. When you have various offers to choose from, finding the relevant one is not a difficult task.

Keeping this factor in mind, it is easy for you to monetize your website in the best possible way.

  1. Timely payments:

One thing which certainly stands out for this network is that it has automated payments. Due to the automated payments, it becomes easy for you to get the payment on time. Irrespective of the payment method you choose like wire transfer or any of the payment processors, you would always get your payments on time.

Once you increase the traffic and improve the quality of the terrific, you can be put on faster payouts as well. In that case, as well, you will be able to get timely payments on the higher frequency. Thus, it will become easy for you to get your hands on your earnings.

When dealing with this network, you can always rely on it for timely payments. The automated schedule ensures that there is a lot of predictability when it comes to earnings.

  1. Referral program:

Promoting the offers on this network is not the only way to make money with it. There is a different program on offer as well. The network will provide you with bonuses and also various earnings if the affiliate starts generating revenue. Hence, it will be easy for you to make a significant amount of money by recommending new affiliates as well.

Since many affiliates are looking for such specialized networks that operate in the adult vertical, this referral program is easy to convert. Many affiliates think that it is better than promoting offers as well. It is because the demand for such an affiliate network is on the higher side. Also, since you will get earnings based on the amount which your referrals make as well, it can quickly add up. That is why; you should not ignore this additional revenue stream that this network has on offer.

The main USP of the network is the abundant availability of adult offers. In addition to that, the other features also make it a perfect choice. We will now go into the other details of this network to provide you with a holistic view.

Clickadu Interface:

The signup process of this affiliate network is relatively simple. It is a one-step signup process. Moreover, it asks for limited information during the signup process. Once you submit your application, the network will contact you pretty soon. The approval process is blazing fast. All in all, once you decide to go with this network, you should not have any problem in getting the approvals.

Clickadu Main Menu:

Once you log into the network, you will find that finding the right campaign is easier than ever. There is an earnings tab on offer as well. You can contact support equal easily as well. The self-explanatory dashboard ensures that navigating through the network is not going to be a problem.

Clickadu Offers:

The best thing about this affiliate network is that the available offers are plenty. These offers include:

• Instant Text Message

• Push Ads

• Popunder

• Video Pre-Roll

• SKIM Link

While these offer types might seem a bit unusual for an average individual but in the adult vertical, these are the offer types that can work. That is why, if you have some experience in the adult industry, you would know that these are the best offers 2 make money in the adult industry. Also, across each of these categories, the network has quite a few offers. That is why; there is no dearth of choices when you’re going with this network. It ensures that once you sign up with this network, you will not have to worry about finding any other adult affiliate network.


• Long history

• Specializes in adult offers

• Easy signup process

• Automated payments

• Simple interface


• Offers in mainstream vertical could be more


Clickadu is one of the few networks which have quite a few adult offers. If you would like to choose a few mainstream offers, then those are available on this affiliate network as well. With a long history, you can be sure that the network is equally reliable as well. Considering all these points, it is an affiliate network that is worth signing up for.

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