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Converting brain Nutra offer to $50000.

As always, We are in an eternal search for interesting topics and non-standard approaches. We took a test that’s related to brain activity. Started digging in this direction, came across a rather underestimated niche.

So this time We’re looking at nutrition that increases brain activity. And immediately thought of the students:

It’s two whales, on which We decided to move into the niche. In the case of Facebook, everything is simple – we went into the search, found the community and drove through the content, there we find active participants in the discussion and get acquainted with them.

Of course, in top educational institutions, the audience is unrealistically large and this is an extra reason for us to pay attention to these groups of people.
It is worth warning that getting to the forums or some closed discussions is extremely difficult, you should at least have a .edu mailbox, membership ID and any other ID.

So, you met, introduced yourself, told about yourself (I want to study, develop, America is the best country, I can not decide on a trip, all expensive, visa, difficult, collecting information, please help, smileys).

The main point for us was the schedule and time intervals between sessions.

In the States, universities have a specific semester system and We wanted to understand what time frame is best to deploy campaign in specific regions. In addition to the schedule, We was able to partially draw a portrait of student during the conversations, which is very important in building any campaign. So do not neglect the stage of searching for information.

We will sign our conclusions immediately after talking with foreign students and leaders:

1) It is expensive to study. This is a hell of a lot in terms of cost (especially when payment is for a year, and the chance to be expelled is present 24/7). In private universities, the cost of an academic year is 30,000-50,000 or more. Quite a decent amount of money for any stratum of the population, given that the amount is specified solely for tuition (not taking into account the incidental wasting).

2) Big competition. If a student is in any privileged place in the hierarchy of university – he will hold on to it with his teeth.

3) Studying is prestigious. If you have graduated from an American university with a high level of accreditation, you are №1 on the list for a good job. No one counts if you leave – roll up your sleeves and dig, everyone wants to go to the office.

Info is not new, but it has been confirmed and strengthened the awareness that the product can really be in demand.

Also, to make sure marketing helps (a kind of lifehack for beginners). Always check the volume of the market with the popular platforms.

Pay attention to the number of reviews. If people buy, it means there’s a demand and it means we have a chance to grab our piece.

Collecting all the developments (which took about a month), We made this picture:

Students (with all the resulting settings of FB target ADS)

25-35 years old

Different times of the campaign start (depends on the region, which means that we need a few campaigns on several A/B Tests).

OFFER – Brain Booster


Source – FB

Audience Heating – Theme Landing page

Creative – In the pictures, place a wild brain activity (schematically), a smile, students, success, etc.

Now for results. We’ll show you the big picture on three days, so you don’t flicker the numbers and get the message across.

22, 23 – standard state of the campaign – from 8 to 15 leads arrived on a permanent basis daily. Drawdown 24th – stopping and the actual end of the work with the offer. The same subsidence occurred on weekends.

So, what’s the result: an offer, which did not give much hope, with the proper approach, gave out for a month conversion to ~ 47k$. To do this, we killed a month to study the main auditory, the purchase/preparation of accounts, the development of landing page/creatives, rewrite text and a lot of coffee. Pure profit – 22,000$. Offer is quite working (but probably not for beginners).

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