AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) affiliate network review – The network which specializes in digital products!

The number of customers spending money on digital products and services is increasing at a rapid pace. That is why, if you’re promoting any products, it is an excellent idea to promote digital products and services. The problem is that most of the networks have a mix of offers. That is why even if you sign up with an affiliate network, you would have to find out how many offers it has for digital products and services. Once you find the answer to this question, after that, only you can choose the right affiliate network.

What if, an affiliate network just caters to digital products?

Yes, there is such a network. We are speaking about the AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) affiliate network. It caters only to digital products and services. In today’s review, we will help you understand if the network is up to the mark or not.

About AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) affiliate network program:

The network has won continuously many awards in the cost per sale category when it comes to digital goods. The latest award was in 2019. It was the recipient of the global 20 awards in the cost per sale category. It has won similar awards plenty of times in the past. That is because; it has a wide array of digital products and services to promote.

When you couple with that its stellar track record, you will realize that there is hardly any other network that is as credible as this network. In terms of reputation, you will have no complaints at all when going with this network.

AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) affiliate network features:

You might be thinking, what sets this affiliate network apart from other options?

We will cover that below by sharing with you the features.

  1. A large number of digital products:

Have you heard of any other network which has more than 22,000 digital products for you to promote?

Chances are you haven’t. This network offers you those many numbers of products. Moreover, they are spread across different categories. As a result, you can find the products which are most relevant to your site. At the same point in time, since these are legit software/digital products and services, it will become effortless to promote them and earn a commission. The products clearly articulate what they do on the landing page. As a result, finding a relevant product and gaining a conversion will not be a difficult task when promoting these digital products.

  1. Deep Linking possible:

Do you like to promote customized landing pages?

If yes, you can choose the product and create your landing page. From that landing page, you can directly link to the checkout page of the product. It will be easier to create a proper funnel. With the help of the right funnel, you can increase your conversion rate significantly.

It also ensures that if due to some reason, you do not find the landing page of the product itself appropriate, you can create your own and direct the customers to the checkout process. It will allow you to shorten the funnel and optimize it to a greater extent. Many other affiliate networks do not provide this feature.

  1. Ability to generate data feeds:

Do you prefer to promote multiple products in the same category?

If yes, this network provides you the option to generate data feeds as well. It can contain information about multiple products on a single product. The advantage of data feed is that it lists the features and various other details of the products that you are promoting. Moreover, you can amalgamate data feed into your website quite easily. You need not worry about updating the landing page when the features of the software modifications. Since the data feed is synchronized on your landing page, the information would change automatically.

When promoting hundreds of products, such automatic syndication can make things easy for you.

  1. Fast Support:

Despite such a large number of affiliates and products, the quality of support is up to the mark. When you contact the support department, it is effortless to get a reply. The support executives and the affiliate managers are highly knowledgeable. As a result, they can provide a concrete solution to your queries rather than just a generic response.

  1. Multiple Payment options:

The payment options which the network has are plenty like:

• Wire transfer

• Check

• Paypal

• MasterCard

Moreover, the payment threshold is $ 100. It is easy to hit the payment threshold every month. In this regard, you will have no complaints at all.

The sheer number of digital products and services on offer means that you have no other option but to sign up with this network. Along with that, the increased credibility of the network certainly works to its advantage. We will now go into the details of the signup process and the pros and cons of the network to help you understand more about it.

AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) network Interface:

AvanGate has a simple signup process. You have to provide your personal information in the application. At the same point in time, the approval process is relatively quick. After the approval, you would have access to 22,000 products; the approval process is blazing fast. You can apply right now and gain access pretty soon to such a large number of products for promotion.

AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) network Main Menu:

AvanGate has a simple to understand the Main menu. The products are neatly organized across categories. As a result, navigating through the dashboard is not a difficult task.

AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) network Offers:

AvanGate has organized the products which you can promote neatly across categories. Some of these categories include:

• Internet

• Multimedia

• Utilities

• Security

• Web authoring

• Mobile apps

• Software training

• Business

• And so on

It means that if you’re looking for a product across a particular vertical, finding it is easy. The offers available on this network are of cost per sale. Whenever you generate a sale, you can make a significant amount of money. Thus, promoting these products and making money out of them is not a difficult task.


• Lots of products

• Reputed network

• Excellent support

• Simple to understand interface

• Quick approval process


• Only CPS offers


AvanGate ( 2Checkout ) is a network that certainly stands out when you look at the number of products on offer. The excellent credibility is another reason to go for it. With an increasing trend among consumers to spend on digital products and services, it is a network that can help you make a lot of money.

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