Algo Affiliates review – The specialized Network!

Do you prefer to go with a specialized network?

Wondering which network to go with?

If yes, it is time to look at the network like Algo Affiliates. The advantage of this network is that it deals with forex and crypto offers. If you’re operating in these two niches, you will get the widest variety of options available.

With that being said, without due diligence, you would not be able to decide about this network. Just because it has some of the best crypto and forex offers, you shouldn’t go with it. It is better to look at the pros and cons and take a balanced view. Only when you take a balanced view, it will become easier than ever for you to decide whether you should go with this affiliate network or not.

About Algo Affiliates:

Algo Affiliates has been around since 2017. It has been going pretty strong since that time. So, when you look at the reputation of the network, there will be no complaints.

Moreover, in its two niches, the number of offers is increasing consistently. Support on offer by the network is also up to the mark. At the same time, continuous expansion is another reason why this network is becoming more and more popular. With almost everything going for it, when you look at the credibility of the network, you will understand that there are no complaints regarding the same.

Algo Affiliates features:

Algo Affiliates offers quite a few other things which other networks miss out on. We will highlight these things in the features below.

  1. Specialized offers:

One thing which you cannot ignore about this network is its specialization in cryptocurrency and forex offers. It means that when you’re dealing with these two niches, you can get plenty of offers. In fact, it has tie-ups with various brokers in these two niches. As a result, not only you get various offers but from various merchants. Diversity ensures that you are not dependent on a single merchant or offer. You can choose a better performing offer among diverse offers available. The specialized offers undoubtedly work to the advantage of this network.

  1. 24/7 support:

Before choosing a network, judging the quality of support on offer is always important. Only when the quality of support is up to the mark, it becomes easier to decide whether you should go with that network or not. If the support is not responsive and takes a lot of time to respond, you should avoid that network.

However, this network offers you 24/7 support. In fact, it offers you live chat support as well. There are other support channels that you can utilize. In a nutshell, not only it offers multiple support channels, but all support channels are pretty responsive. The excellent support quality is a feather in the cap of this network.

  1. Multilingual offers:

Does any network provide multilingual offers?

Very few do. However, this network has over 200 multilingual offers. It means that depending on the source of the traffic, you can promote the offers that are local to your visitors. When the offers are local, it is easier to get conversions. You need not worry about translating the language for creating a pre-landing page when multilingual offers are available.

If you are promoting offers in a country which has English as it is 2nd or 3rd language, these multilingual offers can come in handy.

  1. Tie-up with various brokers:

In total, the affiliate network has tie-ups with more than 150 brokers. It clearly means that there is no shortage of options when promoting brokers. Moreover, with so many broker tie-ups, you’re bound to find one that is relevant to your audience and converts at a higher base. When you find that offer, it is easy to increase your earnings per click. That is why this network will do you a lot of good when dealing with cryptocurrency and forex offers.

  1. Multi-platform support:

Another advantage of this network is that it provides support on multiple platforms. You can email them or contact them on Skype or Facebook. They also have live chat support. The multi-platform support means that the response time is on the lower side. Moreover, you can contact them on a platform that is convenient for you. As a result, when having doubts about offer or tracking, you can get the doubts solved quite quickly. It is the primary reason why it is so easy to work with this network.

Algo Affiliates Interface:

When you look at the signup process of this network, it is a simple 2 step signup process. The amount of information that the network asks is also on the lower side. It ensures that you can complete the signup process quickly. At the same point in time, the approval is equally quick. If you have a legit traffic source, the network will approve you in a short time. As a result, using the offers on the network is not going to be a problem.

Algo Affiliates Main Menu:

The main menu of the network allows you to easily switch between daily earnings, detailed earnings reports, campaigns, and support. Switching between these pages is self-explanatory. The dashboard is easy to understand. You shouldn’t have any problem in using it.

Algo Affiliates Offers:

In most cases, you get paid when your visitor submits his/her first deposit with a broker. Also, some brokers offer you a revenue share on the brokerage generated. It ensures that if you have legit visitors who actually sign up with the broker and start trading and you can make a significant amount of money. The percentage of revenue share or the exact earnings vary from one broker to another. Nevertheless, if you have legit visitors, making money with these offers is not going to be a difficult task.


• Multilingual offers

• Tie-up with various brokers

• Fast support

• Multichannel support

• Niche specialization


• Limited to only two niches


Algo Affiliates is the network you should go with if you’re working in the crypto or the forex niche. It simply has very strategic tie-ups with almost all brokers in this niche. As a result, just by signing up on this network, you would get access to all of those offers. When you consider the number of offers available and excellent support, it becomes a must-join network if you’re operating in those two niches.

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