Airbnb affiliate program review – The travel affiliate program with a high conversation rate!

Airbnb is dominating the short term rentals market. It operates across many different categories as well. So, it is common for guests to prefer short term rentals over hotel bookings. They can save money in the process as well.

Did you know that it has an affiliate program as well?

Most of the Webmasters and Internet marketers are not aware of its affiliate program. Today, we will share with you our Airbnb affiliate program review. Once you go through this review, you can decide for yourself whether this affiliate program is worth joining or not.

About Airbnb affiliate program:

Airbnb was started in 2008. Ever since then, it has expanded into many different countries. Moreover, the number of listings has grown exponentially as well. These days, it handles over 100,000 bookings daily. Also, the number of bookings is still increasing at a rapid pace. As a result, the opportunities which you have to promote its affiliate program are ample. Since it has a Lion’s market share in the short term rentals category, you should not have any problem in gaining a conversion if you have a relevant audience. When it comes to the reputation of the company and conversion rate, you will have no problems.

Airbnb affiliate program features:

We will now go into the features of this affiliate program to help you understand more about it.

  1. Dual Pronged:

One of the main advantages of the Airbnb affiliate program is that it is dual-pronged. When you refer a guest, then also you can make money. On the other hand, when you refer hosts, then also you can make money. That is why, irrespective of the audience you have, making money with this affiliate program is quite easy.

Considering the fact that the guests and hosts prefer Airbnb as a platform, it is not difficult to convert them. At the same point in time, when you have dual-pronged moneymaking opportunities, the amount of money which you can earn from the same set of visitors is also on the higher side. It is one of the reasons why the Airbnb affiliate program is so lucrative.

  1. Largest database of short-term rentals:

When you referring guests, one of the main advantages is that Airbnb has the largest database of short term rentals. That is why this website has an edge over others. Promoting it ensures that you can get conversion quite quickly.

In total, across all the markets in which it operates, there are 4 million homes listed on Airbnb. As a result, it is easier for your visitor to find an apartment or a short-term rental in which they are interested and which meets their requirements. Therefore, gaining a conversion is easier than ever with the Airbnb affiliate program.

  1. Spread across 191 countries:

One of the main advantages of this affiliate program is that Airbnb lists homes from over 191 countries. It caters to 60,000 cities. As a result, irrespective of the country from which you get the traffic or the state in which the visitor wants to book the short term rentals, they can find a suitable option. As a result, gaining a conversion becomes easier. It also means that there are no geographic restrictions on traffic. It is effortless to make money using this affiliate program since it accepts traffic from almost all the countries around the world. It also means that you can scale up your earnings using this affiliate program.

There is virtually no other offer or affiliate program which accepts traffic from so many different countries in the travel niche. Keeping this factor in mind, you should go with the AirB&B travel affiliate program if you’re in the travel niche.

  1. Established brand Value:

When you’re promoting Airbnb, you’re promoting a company that already has an established brand value. Due to this brand value, converting visitors is an easy task. You do not have to make them test the website. Airbnb is a pretty familiar brand. Most visitors who have traveled before would have heard about it. The established brand value works in favor of affiliates in this case.

  1. Transparent affiliate program structure:

The affiliate program structure is pretty transparent. Once you get approved, the site will let you know right away what would be the percentage that you would get on every booking. Your earnings will be dependent on this percentage. It varies depending on the quality of your traffic. That is why right at the start, you would know how much money you can bag by sending visitors.

With all these features on offer as well as a credible brand, this is an affiliate program which you should not ignore if you’re in the travel industry. It converts by itself, which means that you will not have to put in a lot of effort to convert the visitors either. It is essential to look at the interface and the pros and cons of this affiliate network. We will highlight them below.

Airbnb Interface:

The signup process of the affiliate program involves filling up a form to contact Airbnb. They will then contact you back. Only if your website has 1 million visitors, can you go ahead and get approved. The approval process, however, is a bit slow since it involves a lot of manual steps. On your part, you have to submit your details and wait for Airbnb to get back to you. Considering the fact that it is a pretty lucrative affiliate program, the wait is worth it.

Airbnb Main Menu:

Once you get approved, you would get the affiliate link to promote. You can link to other pages of Airbnb as well. The choice is yours. The dashboard makes it very easy for you to do so.

We will now look at the pros and cons to help you understand more about this affiliate program.

Airbnb Offers:

Airbnb works on the revenue share model. Whenever you get them a booking, they will share a percentage of revenue with you. However, the model is different when you’re recommending the host. In that case, you’re paid a fixed amount once. The approval for the guest affiliate and host affiliate is different. Therefore, you have to specify which affiliate program you want to indulge in. Of course, you can indulge in both as well if you wish to do so.


• Reputed brand

• Extensive database of short term rentals

• Transparent pricing

• Easy to convert

• Dual pronged affiliate program


• Stringent approval requirements


Airbnb affiliate program is one of the most lucrative programs in the travel industry. Also, the high conversion rate means that the amount of effort which you would have to put to convert the visitors is on the lower side. Considering these factors, it is an affiliate program which you should sign up with.

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