Affmy review – The Network with some of the highest payouts!

The network that eliminates the middlemen from the supply chain is often the one with the highest payouts. Affmy claims to be one such network. It claims that it does not have any middleman in between. It deals directly with advertisers or merchants. Due to this reason, it can provide you with higher payouts.

When choosing a network, there are a few other parameters that you need to look at as well in addition to the higher payouts. That is why our Affmy review today will help you get into that details of this affiliate network. Once you look at the details, you can decide on your own whether this affiliate network is up to the mark or not.

About Affmy:

Affmy has been around since 2016. It means that it is not an entirely new network. Also, when you check the previous track record of this affiliate network, you will realize that there are seldom any complaints against it. The affiliates have received payments on time as well. It means that if you’re worried about the payments getting delayed, that won’t happen with this network. During its existence since 2016, it has grown rapidly as well, which is another reason why you should go for it. There are a few other features that you need to take into account. We will highlight those below.

Affmy features:

The features which Affmy has on offer include:

1. Exclusive offers:

The very reason why you should go for it is because of the exclusive offers. It has exclusive offers in the dating vertical as well as other various verticals. It means that when you do not want to compete with the other affiliates on the earnings and want to go for exclusive offers; instead, this network will not disappoint you.

2. Multiple payment options:

The payment options available in this network are plenty. It supports payment options like:

• Wire transfer

• Paxum

• WebMoney

• PayPal

Moreover, the payment threshold is only $ 100. If you’re serious about earning from affiliate marketing, this payment threshold will not bother you at all. It puts the publishers on a net15 payment basis. If you can prove your traffic quality and generate volumes, you will be put on faster payouts as well. It means that once you prove the traffic quality, you will be able to get the earnings quite soon. With so many payment methods on offer, it is easy to find one which is convenient for you.

3. Real-time stats:

One of the advantages of this affiliate network is that it is entirely transparent. It provides you with real-time stats. In addition to that, you can filter the stats according to your requirements as well. When you want to decide about your campaign based on stats, this is one of the best networks. It will allow you to decipher right away whether your campaign is profitable or not. It will also help you in understanding whether you can salvage the campaign or whether you need to think about starting a new one. All of this, with the help of data. It means that you can make an informed decision in no time when using this network.

4. Caters to numerous verticals:

The network has over 180 different offers. The number of offers available is growing at a rapid pace. In addition to that, the offers are spread across various categories like:

• Dating

• Astrology

• Sweepstakes

• Health and so on

It means that you will not feel the shortage of options in any niche. Also, since the offers are growing at a rapid pace, chances are by the time you finish your application and get approved, there will be even more offers available.

Thus, if you want to join one of the fastest networks available, which provide you with higher payouts as well, this is the one which you should join.

Affmy Interface:

The signup process of this affiliate network involves submitting your personal information as well as your contact information. Besides that, you have to mention the type of traffic which you have and the type of offers you are interested in. It is a single step signup process. Once you submit all of this information, the network will get in touch with you pretty quickly. It means that you can sign up with the network in under 10 minutes and get approved in the next couple of working days.

Affmy Main Menu:

The main menu, once again, is relatively simple. The advantage of a simple main menu is that you can find the offers right away and start promoting them. You can monitor the earnings easily.

Affmy Offers:

The types of offers on Affmy are:



• Revshare



• Fast-growing network

• Credible history

• Plenty of exclusive offers

• Easy payment schedules

• Real-time stats

• Offers spread across multiple verticals


• Support could be faster


Are you looking for offers with the highest payouts?

If yes, Affmy will fulfill your requirements. Also, since it is a credible affiliate network, you will not have to worry about anything. Considering these factors, it is an affiliate network which you should go with.

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