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Affiliaxe review – A transparent & legit Affiliate network!

With so many different affiliate networks around, at times, it becomes difficult to choose the right one. It can be downright confusing to compare one with the other. Instead of spending hours doing so, it is better to go through our reviews to find the right one.

Today, we will share with you our Affiliaxe review to help you understand if it is up to the mark or not. We would not only look at the type of offers that this network has but also its pros and cons and various features so that you can get a detailed idea. The review will make it easy for you to choose a good affiliate network.

About Affiliaxe: has been around for more than five years. During this time, it has always paid out its affiliates. It has grown immensely in this period. Whichever way you look at it, it has got a credible unblemished history. In terms of the credibility and the reputation of the network, it does not consist of any red flags, which means that you can certainly dig deeper into this network.

Another fact which works in favor of Affiliaxe is that former super affiliates have created it. The network understands what you need as an affiliate and therefore is proactive in offering that. It is one of the reasons why it has got such a stellar reputation.

Affiliaxe Features:

Without looking at the features of this network, it will be difficult for you to decide whether to use this network or not. We will highlight every feature this network has to offer to solve this problem for you.

1. Direct campaigns:

Affiliaxe has worked with merchants for years. These days, almost all the offers which you find on this affiliate network are through direct relationships. The advantage of direct relationships is that the offers are live all the time, and the caps are almost non-existent. Due to this reason, when you build a successful campaign, you can be sure that you can milk it for a long time.

Another advantage of direct offers is that they have higher payouts. It means that by switching from another affiliate network to this one, you can boost your earnings right away. If you are tired of networks procuring offers and providing you with low profits, then you should think about signing up for Affiliaxe.

2. Dedicated Affiliate manager:

Affiliaxe prides itself on offering dedicated affiliate managers. It means that the affiliate manager will not only apprise you with the best offers but will also advise you regarding how you can convert better. The affiliate managers of this network are proactive, they will reach out to you on their own to help you out with campaigns. It is the primary reason why this affiliate network is so popular.

3. Plenty of exclusive campaigns:

Many affiliate networks also promise unique campaigns. However, when you dig deeper, they consist of only a handful of exclusive offers. It is not the case with the Affiliaxe. It strives hard to get exclusive offers consistently. It means that when you’re working with this affiliate network, there will be quite a few offers that are not available to your competitors. It will boost your conversion rate and allow you to outsmart your competitors. When you’re in a niche with high competition, this feature can be a winning edge.

4. Quicker payments:

On Affiliaxe, you will start on a Net 15 basis. When you send traffic, you can get paid every two weeks as well. You can request your affiliate manager to move up your payment schedule as long as your traffic is legit. The network does not shy away from putting you on a faster payment schedule. It ensures that you get your money at a quicker pace, and therefore scaling up the campaigns is not a problem.

5. Multiple payment methods:

Right off the bat, the network offers various payment systems. These include:

• Wire transfers

• Debit card

• Global ACH

• PayPal

• Payoneer

• Checks

The advantage of so many different payment method options is that you will almost always find one which is convenient for you. It also allows you to select the payment method, which charges you less fee. The payment threshold is only $ 100, which means that getting a payment every payout cycle is possible. When that is the case, you can make more money and eventually reinvest in your campaigns at a brisk pace.

6. Affiliate welcome bonus on offer:

Affiliaxe is one of the very few affiliate networks which offers a hefty welcome bonus for new affiliates. The bonus is $ 1000. The terms and conditions of this bonus are pretty simple. You need to shift your camping from your existing network to this one. If you can meet the bonus thresholds, you can get this lucrative bonus. It will shore up the amount of money which you make.

7. Numerous monetization tools:

A unique feature of Affiliaxe is that it has multiple monetization tools on offer. These tools include:

• Product feeds

• Deep linking

• Optimized ad tags

• Redirect tools

• Offer ranking

• And so on

These tools can help you target the right offer and the right landing pages. It will undoubtedly increase the conversion rate. Also, there is hardly any other affiliate network that offers similar tools. Thus, if you’re serious about running a huge campaign, Affiliaxe can provide you with an edge.

8. Real-time tracking:

Affiliaxe uses Hasoffers platform. Hasoffers has proven itself over the years. It has stellar security and precise monitoring. The affiliate network offers real-time monitoring, as well. Due to this reason, you can control your campaigns easily.

When you visit the homepage of this affiliate network, it displays a global map that highlights the areas from where conversions come in real-time. It is one of the very few networks which are so transparent.

9. Reputed merchants:

Affiliaxe works with the who’s who. Affiliaxe has many prestigious companies enrolled as advertisers or merchants. Some of these include:


• Emirates


• UBISoft

• GoDaddy


• Hilton

• Aliexpress

• And so on

These merchants only work with affiliate networks that have a stellar reputation. Thus, if you were having any doubts regarding this affiliate network, there is nothing to worry about.

10. Worldwide offers:

If you have gone through the names of the prestigious merchants above, you will realize that this network has tie-ups with the merchants worldwide. It means that irrespective of the geographic location of your visitor, you would always find offers accepting that traffic. You need not worry about signing up with any other affiliate network once you sign up on Affiliaxe. It has plenty of offers which accept international traffic as well as traffic from various countries around the world.

11. 500+ offers:

With over 500 offers spread across different verticals, there is no dearth of choice when it comes to this affiliate network. The number of offers is growing at a rapid pace, which means that by the time you sign up and start using this affiliate network, there will be a few more offers for you to choose from.

Affiliaxe has many features that make it a lucrative affiliate network. However, before you sign up on the network, you can look at the pros and cons below to know more.

Affiliaxe Interface:

The signup interface of Affiliaxe is pretty straightforward. It asks for the basic information and the signup form. The form has personal details, as well as the promotional methods that you are planning to use. That’s it!

The network will go through your application, and if it needs any further clarification, it will reach up to you. The entire process is pretty transparent and easy to follow.

Affiliaxe Main Menu:

The main menu of the affiliate network displays your stats, graph of the same as well as the notifications of new offers and offers taken down. In the sidebar, you will find navigation tabs for offers, earnings, support. There will also be the details of your affiliate manager, in-case; you need to contact them. The main menu is pretty easy to understand, and therefore once you get approved, you can find the relevant offers and start promoting them in no time.

Affiliaxe Offers:

Affiliaxe primarily has three types of offers. We will explain the nature of these offers below.

• CPA offers:

CPA offers form the overwhelming majority of offers on this network. The visitor, in this case, will have to complete a specific task like filling out a form and submitting the ZIP Code or completing a survey. These offers are easy for the visitors to complete, and therefore the conversion rate on these offers is on the higher side.

• CPL offers:

CPL means Cost Per Lead. These offers require the visitor to submit the basic information on the merchant site. The merchant will follow up with the visitor. Once the visitor provides the information, the affiliate or the publisher gets the conversion. There are quite a few offers that fall under this category.

• Revshare offers:

Revshare stands for revenue share. In these offers, you get paid when the visitor purchases something. The merchant directly shares the revenue with you, and therefore, the payout per conversion is on the higher side.

These are the three types of offers that this network has. The unique thing is these offer types cater to multiple categories, which means that you can always find an offer that suits your audience demographics.

We will now highlight the pros and cons to help you know more about this network.


• Plenty of monetization tools

• 500+ offers

• Dedicated affiliate managers

• Real-time tracking

• Relationships with prestigious merchants and advertisers

• Affiliate bonus on offer

• Direct and exclusive campaigns


• Mostly accepts affiliate having a reasonable volume


Affiliaxe is a name held high in the affiliate marketing industry. It is an affiliate network with a stellar record, which means that once you get in on it, there is no looking back. The offers and the rules which it has can help you in increasing your earnings exponentially. It is an affiliate network that can cater to your monetization needs, and therefore, you should go for it.

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