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Generally speaking, the older the affiliate network, the more testable it is. However, you blindly cannot go with the oldest affiliate networks which are currently live. You have to look at the features of the affiliate network to better understand whether it is worth opting for or not.

Today, we will go into the details of one such network. We will share our Affiliatefuture review to help you understand whether it is a network which you should sign up with or not.

About Affiliatefuture:

Affiliatefuture has been around since 1999. It means that since the affiliate industry started, the network debuted. That is why; it is one of the oldest networks which you can find. Also, offices of this network are in Australia, the US, UK, and India. It has global offices which mean that you will be able to get quick help and also the back end of the network is pretty strong.

Affiliatefuture features:

There are many features which this network has on offer. These features make it very advantageous for regular publishers. We will go into the details of these features below.

1. Over 600 offers:

The numbers of offers available in this network are over 600. It means that finding the right offer for your traffic isn’t a problem. The offers are available for demographics all over the world. As a result, monetizing your traffic will not be a problem with the help of this network.

2. Dedicated support team:

Another reason why you should go for this affiliate network is because of the dedicated support team. The support team answers the questions pretty quickly and is knowledgeable as well. In case you’re having any problems while using the offers of monetizing your traffic, the support team will be there to your rescue. The support is pretty fast as well, which means that you will not have to wait for a long time to get answers to your questions.

3. Faster payouts:

Do you prefer an affiliate network with faster payouts?

If yes, this one does not disappoint. It pays twice a month. It means that you need not have to wait for the entire 30 days to get paid. It also reduces your capital requirement. That is why you will be able to monetize your site better and invest in your business as well. It will help you in growing your earnings at a faster pace.

4. Multiple demographics:

When you look at the offers available, you will realize that they are available for demographics in various niches. It means that whether you’re looking for dating offers or mobile traffic offers or weight loss offers; you can find them all on this network. Also, there are international offers available, as well. It means that you will be able to monetize any traffic without any problems.

5. Low payment threshold:

The payment threshold is only € 20. It means that even if you’re making a little amount of money in a specified payment schedule, you will get paid.

These features make this network a perfect choice. Especially when you take into account a large number of offers, there is hardly any problem which you will have with this affiliate network.

We will now go into the details of the sign-up process of this affiliate network as well as its main menu to understand more about it.

Affiliatefuture Interface:

The information which this network asks for during the sign-up process is pretty limited. It just wants to know about the type of niches in which you are interested. Apart from that, you would have to submit your site details and personal details. Once you do so, you can apply right away. Also, the approval process is quick as well, which means that you will not have to wait for a long time to start using the offers available in this network.

Affiliatefuture Main Menu:

Affiliatefuture has a minimalistic interface. It means that you can find right away what you’re looking for. It allows you to view your stats and offers available. Contacting the support department is equally easy as well. It means that when it comes to the main menu, you can not only view the stats but also head into any section quite easily. There is no learning curve involved for the main menu of this affiliate network.

Affiliatefuture Offers:

In case, you’re wondering about the type of offers available in this affiliate network, they are:





• Long history

• Faster payouts

• Over 600 offers

• Different type of offers

• Dedicated support team

• Excellent backend


• No PPI offers


With over 600 offers, there is no dearth of choices when you go with Affiliatefuture. This affiliate network believes in providing you with a variety of offers as well as complete support, which you need to monetize your traffic. That is why, whether you’re new to the world of affiliate marketing or whether you’re an experienced marketer, this affiliate network is the perfect choice for you.

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