Affcredit review – Does it stand out among other affiliate networks?

Affcredit review

Are you looking for an affiliate network that has a variety of offers?

If yes, it is time to look at Affcredit. It has over 2000 offers, and the number of offers is growing at a rapid pace as well.

However, how does it fare on other criteria?

We will today share with you our Affcredit review so that you can better understand whether this affiliate network is up to the mark or not.

About Affcredit:

Let us first start with the history of Affcredit.

Affcredit started in mid-2018. However, ever since then, it has been able to grow at a scorching pace. Today, it is one of the largest affiliate networks offering a variety of monetization options for publishers. On the advertiser’s site, it provides advertisers a platform that can get them legit traffic and hundreds if not thousands of affiliates.

In a relatively shorter time, it has been able to grow significantly due to its credible reputation and transparent stats. The network is a win-win proposition not just for the affiliates but also for the advertisers. It is the secret to its growth in a relatively short time.

Affcredit Features:

We will now highlight some of the features of this affiliate network, which will help you know more about it.

1. Over 2000 offers:

An affiliate network is only up to the mark if it has a lot of offers. In this regard, Affcredit does not disappoint. It has more than 2000 offers. These offers are spread across various niches and have different monetization models, as well. It means that once you go through the offers, you will always find the one which suits your requirements.

It is a better idea to use a single affiliate network, which ensures that you can increase the revenue and get even better payouts. Affcredit can help you in doing so.

2. Caters to multiple niches:

The best thing is that the affiliate network has a lot of different niches. Some of these include:

  • Video subscriptions
  • Mobile content
  • E-commerce
  • Sweepstakes
  • Adult and dating
  • Games
  • Weight loss
  • Nutrition
  • Health and beauty
  • And so on

It means that irrespective of the audience, this affiliate network will surely help you monetize your traffic. In each of those niches, you will find multiple offers that ensure that you can find the right one easily.

3. 24/7 support:

Affcredit prides itself on offering 24/7 technical support. It means that if there is any problem with your campaign, you can get help right away. It has offices spread across the globe, which means that executives will be ready to help you out.

When you’re running a small campaign, 24/7 support might not be that useful. However, when you’re spending hundreds of dollars to buy traffic and convert it with the help of affiliate offers, 24/7 support certainly comes in handy. It means that you can get help almost in real-time in case of any problem. As a result, campaign disruption, if any, will be minimal.

It also means you do not have to worry about the working hours of the affiliate network. You can contact them, and most likely, they will respond in no time. Affcredit is one of the very few affiliate networks to offer 24/7 support.

4. Convenient payment terms:

One of the primary criteria for choosing an affiliate network for most affiliates are the payment terms. Only if the payment terms are suitable for the affiliate marketer, he/she will go ahead with that affiliate network.

Affcredit initially offers Net-15 payment terms. Once you establish your credentials by sending legit traffic, they can move you to weekly payments as well. It means that you need to send legit traffic for a short time and request your affiliate manager for weekly payment terms. If there is no problem with your traffic, they will approve the same right away. The minimum payment threshold is just $ 50, which means that to get paid, you need not generate hundreds of dollars in revenue.

They also support multiple payment methods like

  • WebMoney
  • Payoneer
  • Paypal
  • Wire transfers
  • Paxum
  • ePayments

It means that chances are the payment method that you prefer is already supported by the affiliate network. When that is the case, getting money in your hands or your bank account is easier than ever. It also means that you will face lower transaction costs, which can certainly boost your ROI.

In terms of payment terms, you will have no complaints at all from this affiliate network.

5. Partnerships with prestigious merchants:

Affcredit Works with who’s who of the affiliate marketing industry. It means that it has tie-ups with some of the most prestigious merchants in the affiliate industry. These include:

  • Disney
  • Netflix
  • Amazon
  • Intel
  • And so on

If you have any doubts about Affcredit’s credibility, the merchant relationships of this network will undoubtedly quell them. Such Fortune 500 companies would only tie-up with the most reputed affiliate networks. Thus, the merchant tie-ups speak volumes about the robust credibility and reputation which they have.

6. Highest payouts:

Affcredit has stated time and again, including on their website, that they prefer to work directly with the merchants. It means that when you compare their offers with any other network, you will find that the affiliate network has one of the highest payouts in the industry. As a result, even when you switch the existing campaigns from another network to this network, you will experience a boost in earnings.

As an affiliate marketer, it is always better to work with networks that have a direct relationship with the merchants. It keeps the communication transparent and ensures that the offer is not suddenly pulled out. Thus, the advantage that Affcredit works directly with the merchants is dual-pronged.

7. Worldwide offers:

When you are choosing an Affiliate network like Affcredit, it is a good idea to check if it offers global offers or not. The majority of the affiliate networks concentrate on the US, Canada, and UK offers. The problem with this is that if you do not have traffic from those countries, there are hardly any offers which you can use from these networks.

Affcredit, on the other hand, does not suffer from this handicap. It has plenty of worldwide offers. It means that if you’re looking to monetize traffic from any other country like Australia or the Europe zone, you will have plenty of offers at hand as well. With over 2000 offers, you can find quite a few that accept international traffic or traffic from other countries. It means that finding relevant offers will never be a problem when you go with this affiliate network.

8. Real-time stats:

Are you tired of the lag in the stats of the affiliate network?

If yes, you should go with Affcredit. It displays real-time stats. It means that you can track your campaigns easily. The real-time stats also ensure that you can make real-time decisions regarding scaling up. So, it will become easier for you to use your traffic in a much better way.

9. Multiple support channels:

As we already highlighted above, this affiliate network offers you 24/7 support. However, in terms of customer support, it has another advantage, as well. It offers multiple support channels as well, which include:

  • Skype
  • Email
  • Phone support
  • Email support

With the help of multiple support channels, you can easily choose the support option which you prefer.

Affcredit is an affiliate network that certainly lives up to its name. It offers numerous features that help it stand out from the crowd. Now that you are aware of its features, we will go into the details of the interface and the main menu to help you understand how can you start using the affiliate network.

Affcredit Interface:

Affcredit asks for limited information while signing up. It is limited to your personal details and how you’re planning to promote the offers. It means that signing up with the affiliate network is not an issue. It is a relatively straightforward method.

Affcredit Main Menu:

Affcredit has an interface that allows you to switch between earning reports, offers, and support seamlessly. In the offers section, you can set the right filters to exactly view the offers which you want. You can filter out the offers by the category, conversion type, and even the country. It means that finding the right offer will not take a lot of time.

Affcredit Offers:

Affcredit prides itself on having offers that convert in multiple ways. We will go into the details of these offers below.

• CPA:

CPA offers are available across countries as well as categories. If you’re looking for CPA offers, you will find that there are overwhelming numbers of offers available in this category.

• CPL:

The CPL category of this affiliate network is one of the fastest-growing ones. It means that if you’re looking for this type of offer, chances are it would already be available on the network, and you can start promoting it right away.

• CPI:

CPI offers on this network can help you in monetizing your mobile traffic. There are quite a few games, apps as well as the offers which pay you cost-per-install. Since the network has direct tie-ups with the merchants, you can be sure that the tracking is pretty accurate for these offers, as well. The offers in this category have one of the highest payouts across networks.

• CPS:

CPS offers are a real money-spinner. Affcredit has quite a few offers in this category. You can make upwards of $ 25 per sale if you choose the right offer. The affiliate network only ties up with legit merchants, which means that your visitors also get something of value when you select CPS offers on Affcredit.

With such types of offers, there is no shortage of monetization methods available when you’re using this network.


  • 2000+ offers
  • Multiple offer types
  • High Payout
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Excellent credibility
  • 24/7 support
  • Multiple Support channels
  • Low payment threshold
  • Real-time stats


• Approval criteria is a bit stringent


Thus, if you’re looking for an affiliate network that is legit and allows you to run your campaigns in real-time, Affcredit will not disappoint you. Also, its excellent track record and tie-up with prestigious merchants means that you will have access to the best offers with the highest payouts in the industry. With such advantages, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this affiliate network.

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