Adverten review – The Smart Network!

Have you ever wondered what you should look out for a while choosing an affiliate network?

If not, we will today help you out. We would review the affiliate network, which goes by the name of Adverten. We will go into details of the features of this affiliate network; it has a signup process and even the pros and cons. Once you go through this review, you will have a balanced review of this affiliate network. After that, it will become easy to make your decision.

About Adverten:

Adverten has been around since 2015. During this time, it has not only signed up with more merchants but also the number of affiliates has consistently grown. It has the latest offer types. It means that getting conversions is not going to be a difficult task. It focuses more on quality. Therefore, at first glance, you might think that the offers not a lot, but when you observe, these are the best in the industry. Also, coupled with the Smart Link feature, which it has on offer, it becomes easy to gain conversions. The reputation of this affiliate network is not under any doubt.

Considering these factors, you should look at it in greater detail.

Adverten features:

There are a few features that help Adverten stand out.

  1. In-House Platform:

The primary feature of this affiliate network is that it has an in-house proprietary platform. It means that it has complete control over tracking without any tracking errors. You can get the most accurate data. In case of any problem, the network would have the complete detail.

When you ask the additional stats, the network can provide you with that as well. It allows you to run your campaigns better. Also, you can gain a competitive advantage with the data that this network provides. As a result, it will be simple to scale up your campaigns and outsmart your competitors.

  1. Dedicated Manager:

When it comes to the support department, this network does not disappoint either. It offers you with reputed affiliate managers. Should you have any doubts regarding the offers available or the best converting offers on the platform, the affiliate manager can help you out. Affiliate managers are available throughout business hours. Their response time is pretty short. When you send a query, you can expect a reply back within one hour in case of email support. If you’re contacting them of the messenger, the response is almost instantaneous.

The advantage of the dedicated manager is that they are aware of the campaigns which you are running in the type of traffic which you are running. As a result, they can easily recommend you better offers as well. You can improve your earnings as well as campaigns by speaking with the dedicated manager. It can be a huge advantage when you want to scale up your things.

  1. Faster Payouts:

It is one of the rare networks which directly puts you on weekly payouts. You need not wait for a month or 45 days to get your earnings. You can get them within a week. When you get your earnings quickly, scaling up your campaigns is possible. It will allow you to earn more in a relatively short time.

Many affiliates prefer a network that can pay them quickly. If your requirement is the same, this is the network for you.

  1. Multiple Payment Systems:

Another advantage of this network is that it offers a variety of payment methods. Getting paid with your preferred payment method can save your day or two when it comes to earnings. The payment methods include:

• Paypal

• WebMoney

• Paxum

• Capitalist

• Perfect Money

• Bitcoin

• Wire Transfer

As you can see, the available payment methods are plenty. At least one of these will suit you. It does not matter from which country or region you are; you can access one of these payment methods. It is a huge advantage for global affiliates.

  1. Exclusive Payouts:

When you compare the payouts on each offer of this affiliate network with others, you will realize that they have a comparatively higher payout. Even a 5% or 10% higher payout can help you bring the campaign into the green. It can help you outsmart your competitors. When you have that competitive edge coupled with the weekly payments, you can beat other affiliates to get traffic and more conversions. It can scale up your earnings quickly.

  1. Smartlinks system:

The Smartlinks system ensures offer optimization to help you get the highest conversion rate. If you go with smart Link offers, they will automatically redirect the visitor to the right offer depending on the Internet, device, and region from which they are visiting. As a result, there is nothing to worry about monitoring your traffic and changing the links again and again. The network does that for you. It will increase the earnings per click automatically.

As you can see, it offers quite a few features that are missing out on other affiliate networks. Due to this reason, if you want to increase your earnings or want to gain an edge over your competition, you can go with this network.

Adverten Interface:

The signup process of this network is relatively simple. You have to submit personal information. After that, you have to submit traffic information. Once you provide both these types of information, your application would go to the network. The network reviews the applications pretty quickly. You can get a reply in two business days. If the network requires some additional information, someone from the network will contact you. In general, the approval process is quite quick.

Adverten Main menu:

The main menu has all the necessary features which you might look for. It facilitates you to view the daily earnings, check out the campaigns, view reports, and contact the support department. In addition to that, when using the Smart links feature, you can view the stats according to the country-wise breakdown as well. It will help you understand more about the Smart links feature and optimize your traffic and landing page accordingly. All in all, you will have no complaints about the navigation or the interface of the network.

Adverten Offers:

The network has a wide variety of offers like




These offers cater to a wide variety of categories like beauty, health, weight loss, freebies, sweepstakes, coupons, and so on. There are plenty of offers. Finding the right one relevant to your traffic is not difficult due to the filtration process that the network offers.


• Smart links are system

• Simple to understand interface

• Excellent support

• Multiple payment methods

• Fast payouts

• Real-time tracking

• Higher payouts


• Number of offers could be more


Adverten is an affiliate network that can provide you with an edge over your competitors. With high-quality offers and higher payouts, you have a definite advantage while using this affiliate network. Due to this reason, you should go with this affiliate network.

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