Advendor Review, All You Need To Know

Type of offersDating, Sweepstakes, Gaming, Gambling, Crypto
FeaturesDirect offers, Support
Payment optionsWebmoney, Yandex.Money, Wire transfer, Epayments
PayoutsNET7 with a minimal of 50$

Cost Per Action or CPA is a recently introduced advertisement model where publishers are paid when a user takes a specific action. This action has a wide range- it might be taking a survey, filling a form, installing an application, making a purchase or signing up for a trial. Today there are thousands of affiliate networks that use the CPA model and pay third party publishers to promote the leads to the company’s products. The reason for using a third party is Indirect Sales. It allows companies to increase their sales rapidly without hiring a large number of sales personnel. Advendor is one such affiliate network.

Advendor is one of the largest growing affiliate networks. With its headquarters in Europe, it has been operating globally since 2015 and has seen one of the most rapid growths since then. Advendor ranks among the top 100 affiliate networks of 2019. It provides the advertisers as well as the publishers with the platform to earn commission and generate revenue. You can promote your merchandise and services very easily with its fully automated web promotion system.

If you are an advertiser who has a specific budget set for advertisements and promotions, Advendor helps you to spend that money only on target actions. It offers a lot of efficiency and flexibility to its users both in terms of understandability and finance. And if you are a publisher, you get the opportunity to maximize your profits. Advendor helps you to do this by using your attracted traffic.

Advendor makes working with the network very easy and hassle-free for its users. In order to start working with Advendor, you have to sign up. There is a registration form available on their website which you can fill up and get started. Next, you will come across a catalog that will offer a wide range of programs to you. All you have to do is go through them and choose the program that you think is best suited for your traffic. What you have to do next is, you have to use the various tools provided to you and configure your advertisement campaign. Over time, learn and understand how to gather leads, analyze statistical data and generate your income with the help of users attracted by you. The users do not need to manually request for funds and the weekly pay-outs are performed manually, starting from $10.

Advendor has a wide range of markets to offer to its users from its CPA network- mobile, dating, adult, finance, gambling, crypto, pin-submit, gaming, and etcetera. It also a number of exclusive offers from leading advertising companies like Plarium, Wargaming, CryptoPay, Hashflare, etc. Advendor’s affiliates have access to a offers’ database that is continuously growing and updating.

Some of the key features of Advendor are:

  • A large number of direct offers: Advendor, along with its advertising partners has created a large number of direct and exclusive offers for its users.
  • Careful account managers: Advendor hires qualified and competent managers who efficiently manage the users’ accounts. They help facilitate and support both the publisher as well as the affiliate. They are easy to reach, have a lot of knowledge and are truly concerned about their responsibilities as the managers. They are known to go out of their ways to find the offers that develop the areas where you have already hit the bull’s eye. They provide you with the assets and creative and are always contactable.
  • Weekly guaranteed payments: Advendor makes sure that its users get paid on a weekly basis without any fail. You have the option to choose the mode of payment from the following- Webmoney, Yandex.Money, Bank and Wire transfer, Epayments.
  • Affiliate friendly technology: The technology is advanced and yet very easy to understand. The cooperation between the users and the advertisers is established without any hassle and this makes it quite user-friendly.

PROS of Advendor:

  • No Barriers to entry: It is very easy to be a part of Advendor because there are no barriers to entry. Everything is at your discretion- from creating a website to selecting a particular good or goods relevant for your vertical. With just one simple choice of your selected affiliated program, you can start working.
  • No previous experience needed: Since Advendor has such competent managers who are always there to help you figure out things and also because the technology is so easy to work with, you do not have to be an expert to become an affiliate. just use any prior marketing experience or knowledge that you might have and keep using the trial and error method to find out what works best for you and brings the best profits for you. Once you’ve understood the pattern, you’re good to go.
  • Least operating expenses: Since working with Advendor does not require any nominal fee or charges, and you have to work online from home, the investment cost is extremely low and as good as negligible. There might be a few domain expenses that you may have to incur, and that is if you are the affiliate. There is no cost for hiring anyone and the profits earned are yours alone.
  • Ready-made audience: If you are a publisher, you do not have to worry about spending extra money to generate the expected amount of traffic on your website. The affiliates of Advendor are so popular that they can get your job done without burning a big hole in your pocket.
  • Flexibility: Advendor lets you choose various products and promote them. It doesn’t restrict its users to stick to one particular program or affiliate. This reduces the risks of failures and helps you maximize the opportunity to earn profits.
  • Extra source of income: Working with Advendor does not require you to leave your primary job. Affiliate marketing can be considered as a part-time or freelancing job that can be done alongside your primary job and can give some extra income.
  • Income-based on performance: Advendor verifies your skills at marketing. It analyses the kind of campaigns you specialize at and you are paid as per your efficiency. If you are efficient enough, you get paid well. If not, well it’s time to work harder.

CONS of Advendor

  • Restricted modes of payment: The modes of payments by Advendor are quite restricted. Not everyone uses Webmoney or If better alternatives are introduced as modes of payments, it would be helpful for Advendor to attract more users.
  • Minimum pay-out is a big amount: It is completely fine that the minimum payments from Epayments and WMZ are around $50. But the minimum amount of pay-out through wire transfer is $5000 which is a large amount. This amount should be decreased.
  • No guaranteed income: Since Advendor is a pay per performance affiliate network, there are high chances that you might not be successful at earning any money at all. Even if you have a good start, it is generally difficult to predict how much money you are going to earn at the end.
  • Excessive commission: Some users of Advendor have reported many times that they have been charged with a hefty commission by Advendor. Some users have had a bad experience working with Advendor.
  • Uncontrolled Competition: There are a large number of people associated with Advendor and nobody can control the competition. There are so many benefits of joining an affiliate network such as minimum or negligible cost of investment, high-profit opportunities, and absence of the requirement of expertise. This is why so many people try to associate with a reputed network as Advendor and hence the completion increases by multiple folds.
  • No option to have your own customer base: This isn’t just a disadvantage of Advendor; it is the disadvantage of all the CPA affiliate networks that you can’t expect a customer to purchase from you again after purchasing once. Advendor does not offer marketing affiliate programs that provide recurring commission.
  • Frauds: Apart from excessive commission, cases of fraud have also been reported by the users of Advendor. They have claimed that Advendor delays in the payment of their dues and sometimes complete denial to make the payments. Some of them have reported frauds of about $7000.
  • No filter for false advertising: Advendor also has affiliates that do and say anything to earn extra profit. They have no regard whatsoever for the brand or publisher’s identity and they exaggerate the benefits of your services. This adversely affects your image sometimes and influences the position of your brand in the market.

Regardless of all the cons of Advendor mentioned above, it continues to be one of the most reputed CPA modeled affiliate networks. The attractive affiliate programs offered by Advendor continue to be a profitable source of income and are efficient tools to invite more audience to your website.

I hope that after reading this review on Advendor, you will have a better understanding of its nature and functioning. For more details about Advendor, you can visit their official website and learn more about the services they have to offer.

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