Adscend Media Affiliate Network – The CPA Network which can boost your earnings!

Are you looking for a reliable Affiliate network?

Are you looking for an Affiliate network with a wide range of offers?

If yes, it is time to look at the Affiliate network, which has been around for quite some time. We are speaking about the Adscend Media Affiliate Network. Over the years, the Affiliate network has been able to create a name for itself. However, is it good enough?

We will today answer this question in our Adscend Media Affiliate Network review. We will go into the background of the CPA network and also help you understand the offers which it has. Once you go through our review, you will get a comprehensive overview of the network and can decide whether you should use this affiliate network or not.

About Adscend Media Affiliate Network

Adscend Media has been around since 2009. The creators of the network are Fezhan Ali and Jeremy Bash. To date, they have paid over $ 50 million to publishers as commissions. When it comes to the credibility of the network, it has a rich history behind it.

Adscend Media has been featured consistently in the top 10 CPA affiliate networks list time and again. It is on these networks because of the broad range of offers and also the excellent customer support. It is one of the very few CPA networks which have worldwide offers, which means that irrespective of the demographics of your audience, you can find the CPA or an affiliate offer that can match them.

For advertisers as well, this means that they would get quality leads as per the required demographics.

With over 5000 different offers, Adscend Media is one of the largest affiliate networks.

Thus, when it comes to credibility, you need not worry about it at all. It has a proven track record that speaks for itself.

Adscend Media features

Now that you are aware of the background of the network, it is essential to look at it its features. We will highlight the same below.

1. 5000+ offers:

While many other affiliate networks provide 700 to 800 offers, the same is not the case with this one. It has over 5000 different offers. The offers have High CPM, which means that you can maximize your earnings quickly. There are offers for US traffic, which can be up to $ 50 per conversion as well. There are offers for other countries. As we stated above, the offers are available for a whole host of countries.

2. Incentivized offers available:

The affiliate network is one of the large incentivized categories. It has paid surveys, app installs, shopping offers, trials, and so on. That is why, if you’re looking to incentivize your traffic to boost your earnings, this is the affiliate network which you should go with.

3. Video-based offers:

Are you looking for the video-based offers?

Adscend Media Affiliate Network does not disappoint you in this regard as well. It has plenty of video offers like EngageMe.Tv, and so on. The engagement on these offers is on the higher side, and therefore these offers can help you in most in your earnings.

4. Versatile offers:

If you think that Adscend Media Affiliate Network is only a CPA network, you’re wrong.

It consists of CPS, CPL, and CPA offers. With three different models, the number of offers which you have is plenty. That is why; you can choose how you want to monetize your traffic.

5. Regular bump ups:

If you can send quality traffic and scale up the volume, you can get regular bump ups as well. It will ensure that, over time, you can increase your earnings significantly.

6. Multiple payment methods:

With payment methods like PayPal, ACH, checks, Payoneer, wire transfer, you can choose the one which is convenient for you. Not only that, the minimum payment amount is just $ 50, which ensures that you get paid almost for every cycle you are sending traffic.

Initially, the network pays on a net 30 basis, but if you can get quality traffic, you can pre-pone the payments as well.

7. Excellent support:

The network offers multiple support channels like:

• Ticket support

• Email support

• Skype support

• Phone support

We have tested various support channels and happy to report that each of them is equally responsive. You will get a response fairly quickly during the working hours. It means that should you require any help; you will get a quick response.

8. Timely payments:

When going with this affiliate network, you need not worry about your payment schedule. They are punctual and have seldom been late.

9. Direct partnership:

Many other networks broker offers. The problem in sending traffic to the broker offers is that the amount of money which you can make is on the lower side. Adscend Media believes in working directly with the merchants/advertisers. That is why the amount of money which you can make per lead or per sale or per action is one of the highest in the industry for that offer. It means that your earning per visitor will also be on the higher side.

Simply put, if you want to make the maximum amount of money from your traffic, this is the affiliate network which you should use.

10. Sign-up bonus:

Have you ever heard of the affiliate network offering a sign-up bonus?

Adscend Media offers that as well. It provides a free bonus of up to $ 100. It is one of the very few networks to do so. Thus, you have the added incentive to go with this affiliate network rather than any other.

With so many features on offer, it is hard to ignore this affiliate network when looking for a reliable one. However, that’s not all. We will go into the interface and the offer details of this affiliate network below to help you understand why it is such a good option.

Adscend Media Interface

The best thing about Adscend Media is the easy to use interface. For the sign-up as well, it requires minimal information. It just needs your personal information as well as the websites or apps which you will be using to promote the offers. That’s all.

Adscend Media Main Menu:

The main menu highlights the various types of offerings that they have like paid surveys, CPA offers, CPS offers, and CPL offers.

When you look at the interface inside, the network offers you different filters to find the right offer. You can find the offers by:

• Country

• Category

• Offer type

• Earnings


• And so on

Thus, finding the right offer is quite easy. With such a simple and easy interface, you need not struggle at all in using this network.

Besides that, you can easily view the offers that appear in the offer wall if you’re planning to use one. You can add and remove offers to customize the offer wall, which will ensure that you can monetize the traffic as per your preference.

Thus, when you look at the main menu, you will realize that the main menu is not only easy to understand but also makes it very easy to find the right offer in seconds.

In a nutshell, you have no complaints at all with regards to the interface or the main menu when going with this affiliate network

Adscend Media Offers

By now, you might be thinking, all this is great but what are the offers which they have?

We will go into the offers as well as the monetization tools that they have on offer.

The affiliate network is a special section for paid surveys. The publisher will be paid for every completed survey. The earnings range from $ .20 to $ 20. At any time, there are numerous paid surveys available, which make it easy to monetize your traffic through the service.

The paid surveys are also inculcated into the offer wall, which is a feature of this affiliate network. We will go into the details of the offer wall below.

• Video Offers:

The network also has plenty of video offers. You can earn up to $ 5 from video offers if the user ends up downloading the app. You also get a fixed amount per video watched. The video offers are from big names like:

  • Candy Crush
  • Clash of Clans
  • And more

These video offers are available for multiple countries like the US, Canada, Australia, Great Britain, and so on. That is why monetizing traffic from various countries using video offers is undoubtedly possible.

• CPL Offers:

CPL stands for cost per lead. There are plenty of offers that require your visitors to submit their emails or a ZIP Code for you to gain a lead. The earnings start at $ 0.5 per lead for developed countries going all the way up to $ 15 per lead as well. The offers are spread across the categories, which means that you can find the relevant offer easily.

• CPA Offers:

The majority of the offers on this network are CPA offers. CPA stands for cost per action. You’re likely to get a conversion when the user completes the required work. It can be filling a survey or qualifying for a program or thousands of such offers available, which ensures that finding the right one is not a problem.

• CPS offers:

The CPS offers can help you make up to $ 50 per sale; it is one of the most lucrative ways in which you have to monetize your traffic using this network.

• Offer wall:

The Holy Grail of Adscend Media is the offer wall. If you prefer content locking or making your visitor complete offers before accessing some valuable content, the offer wall is the perfect option for you. It can help you make CPA as high as $90. The offer wall consists of multiple offers like surveys, app downloads, videos, and more. The choice which you have is plenty when it comes to offers for the wall. You can mix and match offers across categories and types to create the perfect offer wall.

Since the conversion rate is dependent on the type of content you have behind the offer wall, you can easily lure visitors to complete the offers. It certainly helps you in maximizing the earnings significantly.

With so many offers and promotional methods available for publishers, once you sign up with this affiliate network, there will be no need to opt for any other.

We will now go into the pros and cons of this affiliate network to help you make the final decision.


• Over 5000 offers

• Different types of offers available

• Excellent support

• Timely payments

• Credible history

• Multiple payment methods

• Video offers available

• Offer wall for easy monetization

• Higher earnings on each offer

• Easy to understand interface

• Simple sign-up process


• Manual approval required for some high earning offers


Adscend Media is your one-stop shop when you want to monetize traffic on your website. With so many different options available, you cannot go wrong with this affiliate network. The network also offers you plenty of customization options to monetize your traffic in a much better manner.

Simply put, the network has taken great care to ensure that publishers have no complaints at all. Similarly, the advertisers get legit traffic, which makes this network a win-win situation. If you’re in 2 minds about this network, you should sign up and start using the offers they have.

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