Admitad affiliate network review

Admitad was launched in 2010. It is an international affiliate network from Germany and got 7 other offices in the world. Admitad is a network that focuses on Cost-Per-Action Affiliate programs and is growing rapidly. Currently, they have around 1400+ advertisers & 570000+ affiliates.

Admitad has already made its presence rock solid and have a well-structured plan for international expansion every year. Admitad has also collaborated with top brands like, Citibank, Nike, Adidas, and others. They also have been able to leverage the market of some countries. Their highest converting offers and their strongest geo’s right now are the USA, Russia, Western Europe, the UK, and India.

The huge success of Admitad lies in its innovative full-service client-oriented approach, which is beneficial for maximizing the profit of both the advertisers and publishers. They have professionals working hard on adapting current market trends, practicing new business techniques and implementing them to offer the best affiliate marketing.

Admitad – The Global Affiliate Marketing Network

Admitad is not just a CPA network – it’s an affiliate marketing hub uniting both advertisers and publishers across the globe under the same roof. Publishers can get direct entry to the global market & access to offers from top brands with which Admitad has collaborated getting the best possible commission on the market. Admitad’s detailed in-house tracking and anti-fraud system secures and increases the revenue of both the advertiser and publisher and also helps them maximize their profit with the help of various tools.

Admitad provides great tools to maximize your revenue. Admitad’s flexibility & innovative approach always ensure they adapt quickly with the dynamic affiliate business and providing the best service to overcome all the challenges in the industry.

Admitad also provides a huge choice of offers to its publishers as they have tied up with some of the leading international brands which make it easy for publishers to choose offers according to their needs. Their offers cover a wide range of categories such as mobile apps, online games, e-commerce (apparel, electronic goods, household products, furniture etc), services (finance, food delivery, coupon services, travel, etc.) and many other categories.

Admitad Features

Below are the lists of features offered by Admitad.

  • Offers – Admitad provides a huge list of offers. Some are exclusive offers that can’t be found on other networks.
  • Payouts – Publishers get the highest payout on all the offers.
  • Low Payment Threshold – Some networks have a high payment threshold like $200-500 but for Admitad it’s just $20 which will help to start lots of publishers with a low budget. Admitad also has a feature that enables publishers to receive premium payments on requests within a short and convenient timeframe.
  • Direct Contact – Admitad helps in contacting the advertiser directly. As a publisher, you get to know the advertisers personally and negotiate exclusive terms on advertising campaigns with managers and advertisers on the table.
  • Tools & Tracking – anti-fraud technologies, cross-device tracking, fingerprint tracking, advertiser toolbox, anti-cookie technologies, deep linking options, in-house platform. Admitad’s in-house tracking system allows publishers to track their online campaign events such as impressions, clicks, and actions with complete details through the use of SubID’s.

Admitad Offers

You can choose an offer by filter: by topic, by type of traffic or by instrument.

– By topic – I will explain this filter using an example. Let’s say the platform on which you want to advertise a game offer, it’s quite logical to tick the online game. In this case, after saving, all offers of the game orientation will be displayed.

– By type of traffic – this filter allows you to separate offers by type of traffic since not all sites accept all traffic. For example, there are sites that do not accept traffic from contextual advertising, so as not to get into a mess, I recommend immediately exposing here the types of traffic that you intend to use in your work. Now I will describe what types of traffic are there.

  • Cashback
  • PopUp / ClickUnder
  • contextual advertising
  • Doorway – traffic
  • Email – Newsletter
  • Contextual advertising on the Brand
  • Social Media Advertising
  • Motivated traffic
  • Toolbar
  • Adult – traffic
  • Mobile traffic for the mobile version
  • Teaser networks
  • Youtube Channel

– By instrument (watch Admitad Tools)

Admitad Tools

  • Detailed Statistics & Reporting – Admitad provides clear and comprehensive reports with a huge range of data in different and useful forms. These reports can be exported in various formats for use in external software.
  • Deeplink Generator – With the help of this tool, an affiliate link is generated for the homepage or the inner pages of an offer.
  • Enhanced Link Checker – With the help of this tool, one can check if the generated affiliate link contains any error. If it does then the tool will give a warning about the error and fix it.
  • Ad Server – With the help of this tool, the publisher can put up rotating banners on their website and monetizes their site to earn money. It automatically rotates and shows the banner which is suited for your site’s audience and niche.
  • Domain Parking – This tool helps you to replace the in-built tracking domain of Admitad ( with your own domain.
  • Coupons & Deals – If you own a coupon site then you can showcase exciting coupons and deals to your visitors. Use this tool to automate the complete process.
  • Promotional Materials – For every affiliate program you will get enough high converting, optimized and updated promotion materials. These promotional materials are ready for use so that you can focus more on marketing strategies.
  • WordPress Affiliate Plugin – This WordPress affiliate plugin offered by admitted is awesome. If you want to build an affiliate website very quickly without much hassle, then it’s the right tool for you. All you need to do is get approved by the right affiliate merchant and the products will be automatically added to your website.

Benefits For Advertisers & Publishers

Advertisers – Admitad is a client-oriented personalized full-service at no extra cost to the advertiser. Every Admitad client is assigned a dedicated account manager who is a professional and well-trained in dealing with all the problems like optimizing the campaign, publisher expansion, and manual vetting. Advertisers can get assistance from their account manager in their own native language/multiple languages via email, chat or telephone from Monday-Friday during working hours.

Publishers – Publishers don’t need to worry about the payout rates of any program as Admitad is a transparent network and publishers can work directly with advertisers. Publishers can take part in Admitad’s special contest and win some exciting prizes. Publishers can also earn bonuses for some selected offers when they reach a certain milestone in sales/leads for that offer.

Apart from the features mentioned earlier, publishers can also use some other features which can really help them in promoting offers. They are:

  • Retag – This feature really helps in banner and email retargeting.
  • Recommendations – Publishers can use this tool to boost their sales. This tool shows similar product/accessories/popular products on the publisher’s site and engages the visitor for a longer duration which means more chance of sales.
  • Product Feeds – This tool automatically imports products list with details like product name, picture and price and embeds them on the publisher’s website.
  • Cart Tracking – With the help of this tool, the publisher can see which products customers have ordered. This tool really helps in optimizing ads and maximizing profit.
  • VeChat – This is an automated chat system that gets activated whenever the user intends to leave the site. This tool helps in reducing the bounce rate and increasing conversions.

Final Verdict

Admitad performance on revenue growth for six consecutive years speaks for itself. Admitad’s innovative strategies, continued growth, fast adapting capability with current industry trends and implementing new business models will make them a top player in affiliate marketing space. Their close working relations with clients has already been effective in growing the business and to reach to more consumers.

Admitad has a huge range of tools & cutting-edge technologies for both the advertisers and publishers to increase performance, growth, and revenue. If you are still not a part of Admitad team, then do join at the earliest and grow your business


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