Adexico review – The network with over 2000 offers

If you’re planning to use affiliate marketing as your preferred monetization method, it is essential to choose a reliable affiliate network. When the network is credible, you can focus more on growing your website rather than worrying about payments and offers which you are promoting.

Proper due diligence is a necessity when searching for such a network. Today, we would review one such network. We will share with you our Adexico review. Once you go through our review, you will realize whether this network is up to the mark or not. We will provide a holistic view by going into the pros and cons. Without any delay, let us start with the review.

About Adexico:

Adexico has been around since 2018. The network has experienced a solid three years of growth. During this time, it has always paid on time. Considering the fact that it is three years old, it has over 2000 offers, which is a definite advantage. It speaks volumes about the growth which the network has witnessed. Moreover, due to its excellent support with a large number of offers available, when going with this network, you will have no complaints at all. In terms of reputation, it has a flawless track record.

Adexico features:

Now that you know the network history, let us look at some of the features of the network.

  1. More than 2000 offers:

With over 2000 different offers to promote, you have plenty of choices when going with this network. It also means that you are likely to find the offer, which is appealing for your visitors. Many affiliates sign up with various affiliate networks just to get the right offer. However, with such a wide choice, even if you sign up with the single affiliate network, finding the relevant offers will not be difficult. It is one of the reasons why you should go with this affiliate network.

  1. 24/7 support:

Worried about the support?

The network offers 24/7 support. Since it has offices around the world, someone from the support department will always be online. Also, it has multiple channels of support like email, phone as well as the messenger. It means that you can use the support channel most convenient for you.

Finding the answers to your questions in a jiffy is certainly possible due to the 24/7 support. Moreover, support executives are highly knowledgeable. It means that whether you have a question about the dashboard or a particular offer, the support department can help you out. There will be no long waiting time to get the answers.

  1. Real-time tracking:

Many affiliates run heavy-duty campaigns. These campaigns are worth hundreds of dollars in profits every day. With such a lot of money at stake, you would need precise tracking. Many networks offer such accurate tracking. However, if it is delayed, it can be a problem. You will not be able to make decisions in real-time. You might end up running the loss-making camping for a long time.

Due to these reasons, you must choose an affiliate network with real-time tracking. This one provides you with exactly that. You can view the stats in real-time and cross verify the conversion from your tracking. It means that you will have completed control when working with this network. You can make decisions in a jiffy. All these factors make it easy for you to scale up your campaigns and monitor existing campaigns.

  1. Global Offers:

Many networks provide you with offers of only a particular country. Primarily, it focuses on the US and UK offers. Some of them might have Australian offers as well. This network, however, has a whole host of global offers. So, irrespective of the type of traffic you have, finding the right offer will be easy than ever.

With comparatively higher payouts, you can be sure that not only will you get International offers, but you can make more money from international visitors. Other networks often pay you a paltry sum when it comes to international traffic. This one can help you increase your earnings when it comes to international traffic.

  1. Reputed Merchants:

If you’re still in 2 minds regarding this network, you have to look at the list of reputed merchants available on this network. These include:

• Amazon

• Walmart


• Airbnb

• Netflix

• And so on

With such marquee name merchants, you can be sure that running campaigns is a good idea. Moreover, you can directly work with these merchants if they are relevant to you. As a result, monetizing your website and your traffic is not going to be a difficult task.

  1. Rate Increases available:

Many high-volume affiliates choose this network due to the rate bump ups which they provide. Once you prove that your traffic is of good quality and the volumes are on the higher side, they will gladly increase your payout. The affiliate support department can do so in a jiffy. It means that as you increase the volumes, you can make more money per conversion. This will boost your ROI. When competing with other affiliates to make more money, this little bump up can help you outsmart others. It will provide you with an edge over other affiliates.

With so many features on offer, do you still want to ignore this affiliate network?

Of course not!

We will now go into the signup process and main menu details of this affiliate network.

Adexico Interface:

Adexico has a simple signup process. You need to submit your personal information and promotional information. It is a single step signup process. Once you provide this information, someone from the network will get in touch with you quickly. You would not have to wait for a significant period to get approved.

Adexico Main menu:

The main menu of the network is self-explanatory. You can look at your daily earnings, search for campaigns, check out detailed earning reports, or contact the support department. When you’re searching for campaigns, you can filter them out according to the type, geographic, category, and so on. Finding the right offer is not that much of a difficult task. Once you filter the list, you can arrange it by your preferred parameters. All in all, using the main menu is pretty simple.

Adexico Offers:

The offers available on this network can be broadly classified into three categories which are:




These offers are easy to convert. You can choose any offers relevant to your traffic and start promoting them right away.


• Wide variety of offers

• Excellent reputation

• Marquee name merchants

• Prompt support

• Simple interface


• CPS offers could be more


Adexico is a network growing at a rapid pace. The number of offers on the network is also ever-increasing. With prompt support, simple interface, and higher payouts, there is no reason why you shouldn’t go with this network.

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