Ad2games review – The Gaming Affiliate Network!

Are you looking for offers predominantly in the gaming niche?

If yes, rather than going with the generic network, it is a good idea to go with something like Ad2games. Ad2games specifically caters to the gaming niche. It has quite a few offers in this niche. In addition to the offers, you should look at the other details of the network before choosing one. We will today share with you all the details of this affiliate network to help you make the decision.

About Ad2games:

Ad2games has over 150 different brands in the gaming industry working with it. It means that you will find offers from all the reputed gaming companies. Also, it employs over 65 persons and has four different offices globally. With such a wide footprint, you can be sure that the company is pretty trustworthy. So, if you have any uncertainties regarding the credibility of the company, you need not worry now.

Ad2games features:

Besides the credible history, there are a few other features of this affiliate network that help it stand out. We will highlight these features below.

1. Over 1000 offers:

In total, the company has over 1500 different offers which you can choose from. It means that if you want to promote a specific niche of games, you will have quite a few choices as well. As a result, you will not have to worry about compromising on the type or quality of offer with which you monetize your traffic. It is one of the primary advantages of this affiliate network.

2. Low payment threshold:

The payment threshold of this affiliate network is just $50. It means that even if you make only $50 or above, you will get paid. It offers net15 as well as net30 payment thresholds. That is why; you will not have to wait for next month to get paid. It is one of the primary advantages of this affiliate network.

3. Multiple payment methods:

Many of us prefer affiliate networks that provide a wide variety of payments. If you have to pay for the same, this network will not disappoint you. Some of the payment methods which it supports are:

• Check

• PayPal

• Wire transfer

• Payoneer

• Yandex

• Web money

With so many payment methods, you are bound to find at least a few that are convenient for you. That is why; getting the payments in your preferred mode is not a problem.

4. Credible advertisers:

Many big names in the gaming industry work with this affiliate network. So, when working with this affiliate network, you will find offers from companies like InnoGames, WarGaming, and so on. Also, you will find the offers for the newer games as well. With the help of these new offers, it is easy to get conversions as well. Due to this reason, the earning per click will increase when using offers from this affiliate network.

5. Engaging offers:

One of the reasons the offers from this network convert at a high percentage is because of their engagement. As they are gaming offers, the engagement is on the higher side. That is why; your audience will convert at a higher percentage as well. The offers also have free games as well, which means that there is no reason why your visitors would not opt for them. It will, in turn, help you earn more revenue from the same number of visitors.

The combination of these factors makes this network an excellent choice. If you have a gaming audience, you cannot miss out on this network. We will now go into the details of the main menu as well as the interface of this network to help you know more about it.

Ad2games Interface:

The sign-up process of this affiliate network is relatively simple. You have to submit the personal details as well as the website which you have. Once you provide this basic information, it will go for approval. The approval process is pretty quick, which means that you will not have to wait for weeks to get approved.

Ad2games Main Menu:

The main menu allows you to switch between the offers available, earnings report, and support channels seamlessly. It ensures that you can easily explore the internal network without going through any cumbersome interface.

Ad2games Offers:

The types of offers available in this network are:


• Revshare



• Reputed advertisers

• Lots of offers

• Engaging offers

• Low payment threshold

• Multiple payment methods on offer

• Credible history


• Primary focus on gaming niche


Ad2games is an excellent network if you’re looking for gaming offers. It can help you in increasing the earnings in that niche. However, if you’re operating in any other niche, it has a few offers for that as well. So, when you look at the offerings of this affiliate network, you will find that it is an excellent option to go with. Since it is reliable as well, you have nothing to worry about when you’re signing up with this affiliate network.

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